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Strada is committed to making sustainable choices and working to improve our sustainability across our business.  We are working with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to measure and improve our performance in certain specific ways across Sourcing, Society and the Environment in 2020.

In the meantime, below is a snapshot of our current activity:


We celebrate seasonal: We promote, seasonal produce on our menus where possible.  Our procurement team work hard to know the provenance of 100% of our ingredients.

We serve better meat: We don’t serve eggs from caged hens, or use such eggs in any of our dishes.  We have also signed the Better Chicken Commitment (BCC) to meet or exceed the welfare standards set out by 2026 for 100% of the chicken in our UK supply chain.  We offer at least one vegan dish on our menu, every day.

We source fish responsibly: We never serve endangered fish species, and change the fish options on our menus to avoid spawning season.  We seek out diverse species (beyond tuna, cod, haddock, salmon and prawns) and aim to serve only MCS green-rated fish (1-2).  This is communicated on our menus.

We support global farmers: We work with coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate suppliers who have transparent direct trade agreements.  We only use responsibly sourced palm oil and soy.


We treat staff fairly: We provide all staff with at least one free meal per shift and don’t have staff working unpaid overtime.  We have a known grievance policy as well as a system for feedback and complaints that is accessible to all, and our staff also have access to the support services of Hospitality Action.

We feed people well: We offer at least two portions of vegetables with all children’s meals.  We cater to a range of different dietary needs and we emphatically do not serve endless refills on sugary drinks.

We donate staff time to those who need it: We work with property contractors who support charity support projects.


We value natural resources, reduce, reuse and recycle: We recycle all our glass, plastic and paper/ cardboard.  We send no waste to landfill and seek to work with sustainably suppliers, for example we source all our stationery from Lyreco whose stated aim with their EcoFuture Strategy is to be the reference for sustainable workplace supplies solutions.

We minimise water bottle waste by offering our guests complimentary water in reusable glass jugs, and offer ethical Belu bottled water on our menus.

We offer takeaway boxes for leftovers.