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Located in the heart of this pretty town, Strada continues to serve authentic Italian food in contemporary and stylish surroundings.

The restaurant has an open kitchen that serves up freshly prepared dishes such as grilled meat and fish dishes, risottos and pizzas theatrically spun by hand. We're open for coffee from 9.30am Monday to Saturday, and from 10.30am on Sunday.


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74 - 76 Mount Pleasant Rd
Tunbridge Wells

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Tel: 01892 520 007

Opening hours

Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Madeleine Herridge

To start with the service was excellent, friendly and the dishes were fully explained to us which always helps. The starters were tasty and the Antipasto platter was perfect - my definite favourite of the starters with such a good selection of meats and Italian treats.

Of the main courses, I think the two stand out dishes were the Saltimbocca Maiale (pork with parma ham and mash) and the Orata Al Forno (whole Seabream) - they were so tasty and well cooked. Portion sizes were more than adequate although we could have eaten more as they were so delicious! The Risotto Zucca was surprisingly good, admittedly we weren’t too excited about that dish when reading the menu but it once we tried the first mouthful, we were committed to finishing the whole dish.

The Stozzapreti Puglese (pasta) was tasty but only for those who can handle a bit of chilli heat, and the pizza, although tasty, was slightly overshadowed by the other dishes.

Pudding wise, the Affogato (iced nougat) and the Pistachio Gelato were a perfect finish to the meal - and portion size was spot on. The Bunet Piemontese (chocolate style pannacotta) was delicious once you had managed to work your way through the liqueur on top - even us liqueur lovers found it a little over powering!

Overall, a superb meal and I would definitely order some of those dishes once again.

Wendy Tolhurst

I sampled the taster menu at Strada in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 1st December 2012, along with my husband and two friends.
I had phoned up and booked a table on Friday 23rd November and the staff were friendly and helpful.
On arrival, there was slight confusion as to how the taster menu worked. Initially we were told that we should each choose a starter, main and dessert and then the manageress came over and told us that we would be receiving a portion of everything on the menu so that we could taste it all. At this point, she apologised for the fact that there was no sea bream left but offered a choice of either sea bass or salmon as an alternative; we opted to go for the salmon, served in the same manner as the sea bream would have been presented.

We started with the olives, garlic and rosemary flatbread and the antipasto. All the food was very fresh and the flatbread was lovely and warm. I don’t eat olives but was told that they were very juicy and fresh. The antipasto was very well presented, with a lovely selection of meats and the buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes were very fresh and flavoursome. If I was to be critical of the starters, I would say that some of the slices of garlic on the bread were rather large; but that is being picky and down to personal taste.

We then shared the four seasons pizza; I ate the mushroom quarter which had just about the right amount of topping on a thin, crisp base. The person who had the quarter with the artichokes thought it was a wonderful change to have artichokes on the pizza and that the artichokes were roasted to perfection. The two men shared the ham and sausage quarters and thoroughly enjoyed them. We all agreed that the base was very good; not too thick and not soggy either and the pizza had sufficient topping, without over loading the base.

Next up came the four courses, which I shall comment on separately, as we opted to all try some of each plate.

First up, the pork fillet with crispy parma ham, mashed potato, green beans and a sage butter sauce. Normally, I would not try this dish as I am not a great lover of mashed potato. And what I treat I would have missed; the pork was cooked perfectly, still succulent and tender and complimented with the crispy parma ham. The green beans were not overcooked but were tender yet crisp and they were delicately flavoured with the sage butter sauce. Even the mashed potato, which was smooth and creamy, was enhanced by the other ingredients on the plate.

The Strozzapreti Pugliese was a lovely pasta dish with a spicy kick to it. I felt the effect of the spice the most as I tend not to eat foods that are overly spicy. The pasta was fresh and tender and there was enough sausage, pancetta and broccoli to coat the pasta and add to the flavour, without swamping the dish.

The Risotto Zucca was my personal favourite and, again, not a dish I would usually choose. The rice was cooked just right, not stodgy or hard and the flavours of the pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts were amazing. This dish was quite filling but had a lovely texture and the ingredients combined to make a lovely rich flavour.

The final main course was the salmon, pan roasted with lemon and thyme and served with a green salad and roasted new potatoes. The salmon was well-cooked and the lemon and thyme flavour was evident. It was slightly too spicy for me personally, but two of our group particularly enjoyed this dish, along with the roasted new potatoes. I do feel that the green salad was unnecessary here and perhaps wasn’t the best choice of accompaniment.
Then on to desserts. For all four of us, the favourite was the Affogato. The shot of espresso over the iced nougat semi-freddo ice-cream ensured that this was not too sweet, nor was the dessert too cold! The hot and cold complimented one another and the semi-freddo was a real melt in the mouth experience.

I personally was slightly disappointed with the Bunet Piemontese. Described as being similar in style to Panna Cotta, I was looking forward to this dessert. The chocolate custard was a lovely consistency but for me, the shot of Amaretto overpowered the chocolate flavour. The crushed biscuits and the hazelnuts were good, but again were overpowered by the Amaretto.

Finally, we had the pistachio gelato. This ice-cream was nice and creamy but, personally, did not have a strong enough flavour of pistachio for my palate.

Overall, the menu was delicious. The service was very good and food was served at suitable intervals, without us feeling rushed or feeling that we were waiting longer than appropriate. The food all appeared to be freshly cooked and hot, where appropriate. There are no real negatives to any of the dishes on offer; anything I mentioned here was down to my particular taste. In particular, I know that I don’t like spicy food and am sensitive to any spice. Trying the tasting menu has been a useful exercise for me; there are at least two dishes that I would not normally order but would now feel more inclined to do so having had a taste of the food on offer.


The flat bread dressing was a bit salty.
The antipasto was aesthetically pleasing apart from the salami which didn’t fit. The Parma Ham & tapenade were good.
The Pasta with the chilli was good. The chilli giving a nice kick!
The risotto was very nice but slightly salty with the pancetta. This could have been omitted possibly.
Pizza a bit bland but base good.
The Pork fillet was high quality and very liked. Though Potato a bit wet.
The Sea Bream was excellent, fresh and fell off the bone. With very tasty herby Potatoes.
The Nougat Ice cream with the expresso over was a great treat and had a nice touch to it.
The pistachio Ice cream was lacking something??
The Chocolate pudding with Vanilla ice cream melted in the mouth.

Scoring the favourite starter was the bread, tapenade and Parma ham.
The favourite Main was the Pork, then the Fish, and the pasta with the chilli.
The favourite desert was the nougat ice cream with the expresso.
We found that Chianti went well with the dishes.
It was all cooked to a high standard and the waitress was very helpful.

Jim Hearnden

Fantastic meal, great service. Some excellent flavours & we were all impressed & will be back. The amaretto & chocolate dessert was stunning, as was the risotto. Thank you for the opportunity.

Maxine Goodfellow

What a lovely meal. The staff were really friendly and helpful. We had a lovely time.

The Schiacciatella Aglio flat Bread was really yummy and great start to the meal. The garlic and rosemary was just right and gave a lovely aroma as we ate.
The Antipasto was very nice, the different meats were lovely with the bread. Made me feel summery, on a cold winters day.
The Risotto Zucca was the best dish we tried. I would never have chosen this, but will now. The Pumpkin, butternut squash gave it a nice sweet taste. Due to my allergies, we had it without the pine nuts, but they would I imagine given the risotto a nice crunch.
The Strozzapreti pugliese was delicious with a good bite to it. The chili was a pleasantly warming addition.
The Quattro staioni pizza was our least favorite dish and we didn’t actually eat much. It tasted ok, but nothing special with no outstanding flavours.
The Saltimbocca Maiale was another dish I wouldn’t have chosen. The whole sea bream had a subtle taste and once I got over the fact it was looking at me and picked all the bones out, it was very nice. The roast potatoes were really yummy and my daughter lapped them up.
The Orata stagioni was very nice. The pork was very succulent and cooked to perfection. The sauce was subtle, but perfect. The creamy mash and lovely green beans were the perfect accompaniment.
The Affogato tasted nice, but as we are not great coffee lovers, was not the best pudding.
The Bunnet piemontee was nice, if incredibly rich. It had a little too much amaretto liqueur for our taste, but a nice dessert all the same.
The Pistachio gelato was an ideal dish to end the meal. It was light, creamy and just plain delicious.

Overall the food was outstanding and we will defiantly be returning to try some of the new found meals.
Thanks Strada for giving us a change to try some new food. You have 4 new fans.

Christine Oliver

The customer service we received was excellent.

The antipasto and olives were delicious, although the tapenade was slightly too salty. 2 of us had the opinion that a few extra tomatoes could have been added.

There were mixed reviews regarding the pizza…too much going on, although it might suit some people and the base was rather doughy…could have been a little crispier.

The fish was slightly overcooked, although it was very tasty. The risotto and pasta a pleasant surprise. tasted far better than it looked, although the pasta could have had a bit of something else…not sure what???. The pork a real favourite and seasoned too perfection.

Desserts were a real treat…although one of us thought a tart of some kind should have been on offer.

On the whole a great wholesome menu…A real treat…Thank you so much…

Tabitha Plummer

For someone usually incapable of change, it’s always a bit scary when visiting one of your favourite restaurants knowing they’ve changed the menu, but my visit to Strada last night was a wonderful evening. The food was fantastic and the people were friendly and helpful without being overbearing. We started with Schiacciatella aglio flat bread, which ticked every box, being thin enough to enjoy without filling up and having enough garlic on top; something that seems to be getting rarer and rarer! The antipasto was bursting with flavour and extremely fresh, it sets the tone for the meal when even chopped tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella can have you eagerly anticipating the next course! I would highly recommend both the succulent Saltimbocca Maiale and the Orata Al Forno (if you don’t mind picking a few bones out of your sea bream). The fish particularly was cooked to perfection and fell apart spectacularly. There is something for everyone and if you have any food intolerance’s its easy to find a meal you can enjoy because of the variety, though not so easy when it comes to desert. One of my party is still raving about their deserts however, particularly the Bunet Piemontese, though he is an avid Amareto fan! I look forward to going again, and whats-more I can afford to!