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Located on the former site of a furniture retailer Strada is proving itself to be a great asset to the Newbury market place.

With 110 internal covers and a further 20 external (when the weather warms up) the restaurant is a great place to dine whilst watching Newbury life pass by.


  • Outside seats
  • Free wifi


21-25 Market Place
RG14 5AA

Contact details

Tel: 01635 569193

Opening hours

Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 10.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Patricia Ryan

A very warm welcome when we arrived at the restaurant.

Was shown very quickly to a lovely table right by the window with a lovely view of the outside square.

Being that only 2 of us went we decided to have 3 starters between us, all which were delicious, especially the rosemary flat bread.

I decided to order the Orata al forno and the sea bream was cooked to perfection, lovely flavour in the potato to. My partner had Saltimbocca maiale and he said the pork was tender and moist, mashed potato flavoursome and a nice winter meal.

As a side dish we also ordered the Quattro Stagioni and enjoyed 3 of the different toppings but not too keen on the roasted artichoke one!

Tania Langley

We had an excellent meal. We began with Antipasto which came on a slate board, everything was well-seasoned and very fresh. It included olive tapenade (you need to really like olives for this one) and very flavoursome tomatoes and salami. This was accompanied by schiacciatella - a flat oily rosemary seasoned bread which was delicious (an improvement on some (make that most) of the bread I ate in Italy). We also had some delicious green olives which were just the right combination of juicy and salty in a light oil dressing (these were really enjoyed by my nine year old as well).

Mains were Risotto zucca, Strozzapreti Pugliese, Quattro Stagioni pizza and a whole Sea Bass. The fish was lovely, cooked with roasted potatoes, onions and wilted spinach it was fleshy and again well-seasoned - it would make a great Sunday lunch dish. The pasta (pugliese) was well cooked - slightly spicy with a good aftertaste, the broccoli was al dente and my nine year old daughter gave it the seal of approval. The risotto was an excellent consistency - just creamy enough with wafer thin crunchy slices of bacon sprinkled on top and sweet butternut squash and pine nuts - delicious. The pizza is a good choice for those who wish to share but can’t agree on topping-coming with four different toppings, one on each quarter - you would need to be a meat lover for this one though.

Despite my not having a particularly sweet tooth the desserts were excellent - affogado, pistachio gelato and bunet piemontese. My husband wasn’t keen on the affogado but I loved it - an iced nougat ice-cream which comes with a cup of espresso to pour over the top, it was deliciously creamy and nutty. The Gelato was a hit with my daughter but for me the least exciting of the desserts. The piemontese was adored by all- perhaps it doesn’t look as fancy as the affogado but what it lacked in finesse it made up for in flavour - the amaretto was discernible but not overpowering and it was both pleasingly nutty and melt in your mouth.

Thank you Strada - this was a birthday meal and was heartily enjoyed!!

Ian Butcher

The service and food at the Newbury Branch was excellent. It was freezing cold night but atmosphere and welcome was excellent.

The food was well prepared and presented and of very high quality. I would recommend the antipasto as a great starter.

We tried four different main courses and all were great - perhaps slightly too much butter in the mash served with the Pork Fillet (but that is personal taste).

The desserts were fantastic we shared all of these between us as they were all so good.

The service by Agnes and Anna deserve a mention, they were attentive without being too obvious - a great balance and just the type of service that I appreciate. The meal was served at right speed and despite beingg incredibly busy we were well looked after.

We eat in several restaurants in Newury on regular basis and rate Strada as one of the best.

We were lucky enough to eat at Strada Newbury when it opened (as my daughter was waitress there) and I have to say that it was as good tonight as it was on the opening night.

Nicky Cook

I visited the Newbury restaurant with my husband and father.

The food was great, hot, full of flavour and plenty of it. My father even enjoyed the pasta and rice dishes, both of which he refuses to eat at home, which only shows how good they were.

The service we received was fantastic, very friendly and nothing was too much trouble, especially as my father and I both have food allergies, but this caused no issues for the staff. The whole evening was very relaxing and enjoyable.

I would recommend a meal here to everyone.

Mike Beveridge

Fancy me being a food reviewer for the day! I was delighted to have been selected by Strada to sample their new menu, free of charge, in return being required to write a review so we booked a table for Sunday evening at our local Strada in Newbury. We were warmly welcomed by the manager and the staff were really great, helping us choose from the menu with their in depth knowledge of both the food and wines, and overall we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Strada in Newbury has been re-fitted since our last visit and the ambience is very nice, particularly with the integration of the service stations and decorations using real food to fill the displays and the obvious high quality of furnishings and place settings.

Having eaten many times at various Strada restaurants, we do have a favourite wine, so it wasn’t such a great start to discover the Cabernet Sauvignon Borgo Cipressi was out of stock but I’m glad we accepted the highly competent recommendation of the staff to try the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, which was not only cheaper but a great full bodied accompaniment to the dishes which followed.

Another niggle though. When Strada first opened in the UK every table was given a complimentary, quirky bottle of filtered water which has now been withdrawn. Whilst a jug of tap water was offered I often think corporate decisions are taken for the wrong reasons and of course the cost savings will be noticeable, it may be less easy to calculate the loss of return customers.

Ready to order but with just the two of us to review the new menu, we were still encouraged to order one of everything, and I think we did justice to the huge amount of good food!

So we started with a bowl of olives and garlic and rosemary Schiacciatella flat bread - very nice flatbread but the jury is divided on the olives. I can’t really see the point in serving these large green Castelvetrano olives (I hope Strada isn’t just copying another high street restaurant where I first sampled these!) I would personally rather have more recognisable pitted olives with a more zingy, and less fruity flavour while being less of a challenge to eat too.

Antipasto followed. A well presented platter and I particularly liked the bruschetta which is something I probably wouldn’t have ordered on its own. My partner was reluctant to try the olive and anchovy tapenade but polished off the generous portion after the first try.

Now to the serious food - I normally order pizza so this was a great chance to explore the other sections of the menu. First a Strozzapreti Pugliese - delicious hand twisted pasta, and sausage and hard to see why anyone wouldn’t like this dish. We then tried the Orata al Forno - roasted whole sea bream which was stuffed with loads of fresh thyme and lemon, crisply roasted on the outside and full of lovely white fish - a dish we would both definitely order again although the accompanying salad was uninteresting and the potato and onion was a bit oily and sloppy, especially when described on the menu as roasted potatoes. Not everyone, including my partner, appreciates the inclusion of onions where not advertised. Unfortunately the other main course on the tasting menu, Saltimboca Maiale, was not available that night, but we were offered any other main course off the menu instead. I chose the Gambareti - 10 succulent whole prawns and two slices of bread. Half of this would make a good starter but I’m not convinced this plate makes a complete main course.

To do justice to the Quattro Stagione pizza was a bit difficult after three main dishes and it was a little soggy in the middle, I’m afraid. I would probably have enjoyed it as my main meal, but also thought it was a little on the small side. This prompted me to take another look at the full menu, and confirmed that the selection of pizzas is creeping too far away from the ‘norm’. I like some of the classics - Capricciosa, Pepperoni, Calzone which are not available, replaced with various more sloppy, less meaty varieties three of which now have a topping of rocket…. and I wonder which chain will be first to offer a calzone with a jug of hot tomato sauce on the side. Sorry - I digress!

After a well needed pause we ordered desserts - one of each - and I hasten to say that I normally don’t order desserts, so my opinion may be a little biased as I simply don’t understand the concept of following a tasty plateful with an inevitably small squirt of something sweet on a plate for another few pounds.

So here’s my conclusion on the three desserts - I’m glad I didn’t pay for them. Our waitress was most enthusiastic about the Affogato and the concept of nougat ice with hot espresso sounded fun. However where’s the nougat? The texture was like frozen sweetened whipped cream and not special in any way.
Next the Bunet Piemontese - an uneven, slimy chocolate splodge on the plate. Tasty? Yes! Presentation? Odd! Worth £5.25? No!
I had great hopes for the Pistachio Ice cream, but once again was not wowed by it - I’ve had far better. I did however discover by accident that the hot espresso from the Affogato, poured over the ice cream, was a delicious combination!

So whilst this may sound like a lot of moaning, I am nevertheless rating the overall experience as above average in comparison to the other high street Italian restaurants for choice, quality and value for money. After all I was asked to provide feedback and it would be unrealistic to have praised everything, but this got me thinking about those who review restaurants for a living. It’s not surprisingly that they seem to be constantly miserable and heavier by the week and unable to eat anything unless it meets some totally ludicrous artificial standard which exists only in their mind. I couldn’t do this for a week let alone a career! But for me, however nice, eating a free meal definitely detracts from its value - so the biggest test of all would have been “Would you be happy to pay for this?” and my answer would have been a resounding YES!

Thanks Strada for the opportunity to share my thoughts and for a lovely meal.

Simon Ball

I visited the Newbury Strada on Friday 30th November 2012. The atmosphere wasn’t how I expected it to be. It was too dark and much more a romantic atmosphere but the service was much better.

The staff were very friendly and had a smile on their faces. Firstly we had our starters which were very nice then we had our main courses which the portions were very big which the four of us couldn’t eat it all. The best part of our meal was the pudding which were divine.

The only thing I would suggest was the resturant didn’t know who the reviewers are so we get the same treatment as everyone else but except from that it was a fantastic experience. 10/10

Sian Lakey

We ate at Newbury Strada on a Tuesday evening, thinking it would be fairly quiet. This was not the case, as it was reasonably busy when we arrived at 7.30pm; perhaps its popularity was a sign of how good the food was going to be.

To start with we had the Sicilian olives and the Aglio bread. The olives were large and an unusual shade of green and we felt they lacked that certain flavour. The Aglio was delicious, tasty and just crispy enough without being too garlicky.

To follow we shared a plate of Antipasto; a good selection of Italian speciality cold meats, tomato bruschetta, mozzarella and a small pot (amply filled) with a very appetising black olive tapenade. Nothing to complain of here, the plate was plenty to share between three of us.

Not one to miss out on trying a little bit of everything our main courses included 5 different dishes.

The first Strozzapreti Pugliese was a light pasta dish with broccoli, sausage and pancetta with a nice after kick of chilli; great to have pasta dish that doesn’t sit heavy on the stomach.

Risotto Zucca came next and this pumpkin/squash rissotto was topped with moist, delicate pieces of pumpkin which melted in your mouth.The rice was cooked to perfection- not too soft and not undercooked either.

The Orato al forno (Sea bream) was something I wasn’t too keen on trying- more my husband’s cup of tea- but I’m glad a had a few mouthfuls of this moist, flavoursome fish. However, unlike my husband, I was not enamoured of the small roast new potatoes that came with the fish.I found them a bit too soggy.

One of my favourite dishes was the Saltimbocca maiale. A melt in the mouth tender fillet of pork with crispy Parma ham, smooth creamy mashed potato and perfectly coked green beans all served with a yummy sage butter sauce.

Our final main course that we shared, but could not finish, was a Quattro Stagioni pizza. The pizza base was fine and light which allowed you to taste more of the topping than at some pizza restaurants. However it was a little soggy in the very centre but as this seems normal wherever you go these days I suppose it’s not so much of a complaint as a personal gripe.

Desserts on offer were Affogato, Gelato Pistacchio and Bunet Piemontese.

Out of the three, the one everyone liked the most was the Affogato; a wonderful counterbalance between bitter coffee and sweet iced nougat ice cream.

The Bunet was nice but didn’t look very appetising- a lump of brown custard with crumbs on.As the custard was chocolate and hazelnut it did seem strange to adorn it with almond flavour biscuits and liqueur.

The most disappointing dessert was the pistacchio ice cream. The serving size was fine but the colour was grey green and the flavour of pistacchio was barely there. This was a shame, as it’s my favourite ice cream and tasted nothing like the pistacchio ice cream I was eating earlier this year in Milan.

Overall I’d have no problem in recommending Strada Newbury, as the food is of the best quality, fresh and flavourful and the staff are really nice too.

Benita Playfoot

An interesting evening was had by all.Lovely Italian flavours served in a very pleasant surroundings.

Four of us attended the Newbury Strada restaurant on a busy Friday evening. The tasting menu was a little confusing with regards to the main courses however following some discussion we ordered our selection. We sampled almost everything on the Tasting menu, On the plus side all the food was served promptly, the portions were a little too generous but the highlights for all 4 of us were the starters especially the Bread selection , they were hot and delicious. The antipasti was huge and really delicious however one slate between two would have been great and more about sharing . The main courses were very good except my Pizza which was cool not hot as it usually is.

The best of all was the desert, we all loved our choices the Affogato was wonderful, and the Bunet Piemontese was equally delicious. On the whole the 4 of us scored the meal as a 7.5 out of 10 which given that the electricity failed towards the end of our meal and it was a difficult time for the staff, this was a very good score.

Just one little niggle I would prefer my food to be served piping hot in future that being a ‘given’ then the score would have been a 9. Well done and we look forward to going back very shortly and sampling some other delights on the Menu. Thank you to the staff and we did leave a cash tip see you all soon !!!.