Your local Strada is currently set to Lakeside


Overlooking Alexandra Lake, Strada is part of the stunning brand new Boardwalk development in Lakeside Shopping centre.

The restaurant has a contemporary and slick interior and plenty of outside seating with views over the lake.


  • Outside seats
  • Free wifi


The Boardwalk
Intu Lakeside
RM20 2ZP

Contact details

Tel: 01708 890 038

Opening hours

Sun - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Lindsey philpot

We visit the restaurant for lunch on the 30/11. Booking was easy by phone the day before.

When we arrived we were greeted warmly and a nice lady helped to seat is in a place of our choice and helped us tuck away our buggy so it wasn’t in our way.

We found the terms of the menu we had to choose from quite confusing and the one thing my husband chose wasn’t available due to lack of a fish delivery.

For the starters of antipasto we decided that for two people there wasn’t nearly enough. It wasn’t particularly nice either.

We then both tried the STROZZAPRETI PUGLIESE which was absolutely beautiful, the taste was lovely and it was a lovely mixture of flavours. The broccoli was cooked perfectly and I would eat this all day long.

For mains I had SALTIMBOCCA MAIALE and I really did not enjoy this one bit. It was tasteless there was something that looked like fish skin smothered over it. The mashed potato tasted plasticy and I did not like it at all. My husband had ORATA AL FRONA and he found bones in the fish, he did not enjoy it and didn’t eat it.

Basically had we have paid for this meal we would have been disappointed. We will not return, although the service was great and people were kind we didn’t enjoy the food at all.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Leanne Varney

The food was amazing!

To start, we had the anti pasti, always a favourite of mine. My best friend is expecting at the moment and can not eat deli meats so I got to polish it all off myself! :-)

For our mains, we sampled bit of all.

We had a fish and potato dish, was not really my cup of tea as I hate having to pick bones from my food, but otherwise gorgeous potatoes and really nice fish

My friend always has the Strozzapreti pugliesie, and it is always one of her favourites. I was trying to steal from her plate but she wouldnt let me!

The Risotto zucca you have on the menu with squash and pancetta was absoultely gorgeous, that will be my new favourite as I always have the Tegamaccio whenever I eat at strada! I loved it, very light, not too stodgy.

The Quattro stagioni pizza was really tasty, it was nice to have a taste of each rather than picking one topping.

The only meal we weren't too keen on was the Saltimbocca Maiale. This came out quite salty, even the parma ham strips over it were extremely salty which kind of ruins your pallette. It did make us want to eat everything else though!!

For the dessert I had the Bunet piemontese, I liked this and again I had all to myself as my friend isn't drinking. Deliscious. Loved that it was small so it wasnt too sickly.

Claire Jewiss

The food coupled with the service on our visit made for a wonderful experience. So hats off to Strada with so many businesses falling short in the service stakes these days!

The Antipasto, olives and flat bread coupled together were the perfect starters bursting with freshness and flavour. Buffalo mozzarella is a personal favourite of mine and it did not let me down in this starter.

The Saltimbocca Maiale and Orata al Forno were enjoyed respectively by my mum and dad who both commented on the fresh tastes that the dishes promised and delivered. I greatly enjoyed the Risotto Zucca which had the perfect blend of creaminess and smoothness with the most divine flavours running through.

We all sampled the Quattro Stagioni pizza and Strozzapreti Pugliese which I’d not disappoint either.

All of the deserts were amazing my personal favourite being the Pistachio gelato as it was so simple, refreshing and the perfect pallet cleanser after a wonderful meal.

Bravo Strada for delivering an authentic taste of Italy to our table in Essex.

Malin Peromo

I went to Strada Lakeside with my fiancé and sister-in-law.
We sat down at our table and a waitress came over to explain how the food reviews menu worked, we had thought we would pick a dish each but out waitress explained that we would be getting ALL of the dishes on the menu, so that we could share and try a little bit of everything.

We ordered our drinks and soon got some olives and the garlic and rosemary flat bread. (Schiacciatella Aglio) We all loved it.

Next came the starter, the Antipasto platter, it was a perfect dish to share as you get a little bit of everything.

After this we got the main courses in, we had:
Strozzapreti Pugliese - We all loved this dish, it is very rich but the little bit of chilli in it keeps it fresh, the only negative was that the broccoli could have been in bigger chunks, as it had almost disappeared in the dish.

Risotto Zucca - This is a real comfort food dish, its cream, warming, filling and just hits the right spots.

Saltimbocca Maiale - Our absolute favourite dish. The pork fillet was so tender and had no fat or sinew bits on it, the mash was creamy and lump free and the sage butter sauce was incredibly good. We will definitely be back for this dish!

Orata Al Forno - The whole sea bream. We had some initial problems with this dish, it is served with the head and skin still on and both me and my sister-in-law cannot stand it so we asked the waitress if they could please remove the head and then we just pealed back the skin. After this little side track we got on with the tasting and I must say it was incredible. The fish pretty much melted in your mouth, the roasted new potatoes it was served with were lovely and golden. All in all a very good dish.

The last main was the Quattro Stagioni pizza and I am afraid this was the only dish we didn’t particularly like. It was just a bit plain and lacked flavour compared to the other dishes, perhaps a stronger tomato sauce would give it a bit of a boost?

After all the mains we had deserts, so we ordered in some espressos and got ready to dig in!
We had the Affogato which was a dream. This dessert is seriously good.
The Bunet Piemontese was also very nice but perhaps a little bit too rich to have just on its own. It would have been perfect if it was served with some whipped cream or even some of the Pistachio Gelato that we also had to try. The Gelato was very rich, creamy and delicious, with just the right amount of pistachio flavour to finish of a lovely meal with.

All in all I can just say, Thank you Strada! We had a lovely time, the service was brilliant and the food was spot on.

We will definitely be back soon!

Michela Mulas Martin

I went to Strada Lakeside tonight with my family and we had a nice time.

We tasted food from the tasting menu and found that the dishes were nice, just a few things I would like to say about them: the Saltimbocca was fine, the pizza did not taste and did not look like if was cooked in a wood fired oven (I don’t know if you still cook it that way)but it was overall nice,the Strozzapreti were quite tasty but just a little bit too dry for me,the Risotto was nice,the best of the dishes was the Orata al forno which was very nicely cooked indeed. The shiacciatella was superb and the olives were delicious.

All 3 desserts were very nice. the service was good, we were served by Jana and one thing I was very happy to see was that Strada now provides a menu for kids, which it did not used to do when I used to work for you. Overall my experience at Strada was very nice ,and I will still suggest you to my friends and family.
Please keep it up and look forward to seeing brand new dishes in the future as the Italian cuisine is very vaste from region to region.
Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Best Regards
Mrs Michela Mulas -Martin.

Lucy robinson

Olives - These were served on a small dish. They looked fresh and big. Enough for two. They were very tasty and moist. Would recommend.
Schiacciatella aglio flat bread - served in a nice basket. We shared this between three, a couple of slices each. Lovely fresh bread, soft but with a little crunch. Just the right amount of garlic and rosemary. Good size slices. Would have again.
Antipasto - served on a lovely slate board. Arranged very well on the plate. Something we would have never ordered but will now definitely order again. This was a real hit. The meat was fresh and tasty. Beautiful tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Along with lovely fresh bread. One with chopped tomato the other without. Beautiful rocket also. We were offered oil. Highly recommend.

We had four main courses.
Strozzapreti pugliese
Nice size meal. Looked appealing. Pasta was really tasty. Cooked well. Sausage was lovely. As was the broccoli. Dont remember any pancetta. The red chilli was very strong. There were slices of red chilli and it was all tossed in a chilli butter. A little too strong for me which spoilt it. Well cooked, but just not for me. Wouldn’t order again.
Quattro stagioni
The pizza looked lovely on arrival. Thin and crispy. The sauce and topping went to the edge. Each quarter had a different topping. Two vegetable, two meat. Perfect amount of cheese and tomato. Lovely mushroom, sausage and ham. Very generous with the amount of topping. We didn’t like the artichoke. Didn’t look very appealing and not my taste. Lovely pizza but would not order again if it came with artichoke.
Saltimbocca Maiale
Served in a large bowl. Large helping of mashed potato with a generous pork fillet and green beans served with a sage butter sauce. Perfect meal. Was really tasty. Looked delicious. Mash was cooked very well. Pork wasn’t chewy, well cooked. It was accompanied very well with the sauce and vegetables. A huge hit. Would definitely order again.
Orata al forno
This was served on a large plate. Well presented. Lovely salad and fresh potatoes. Sea bream was fresh and tasty. All went very well together. The fish fell of the bones. It was cooked very well and there was a lot of meat on it. The fish was seasoned very well. Would order again.
When served this looked delicious. Tasted lovely before we added the espresso. Not so tasty after. Just went into a runny mess. Which was then hard to eat. Wouldn’t recommend this or order it again.
Bunet piemontese
This looked very appetising when served. Small chocolate pannacotta. Which tasted very rich, chocolately, and smooth. Very strong smell and taste of amaretti. Plate was covered in it. Too much. Glad this desert was small as so rich you didn’t need much. The crushed biscuits were nice. As a desert I would not order again. Too strong of alcohol.
Pistachio gelato
Two big scoops. Way too much. Not a very nice colour. Creamy and smooth but once eaten, didn’t really taste of anything. Quality ice cream but not distinct flavour. Would not order again or recommend

Overall a beautiful meal. Highlights were the olives, antipasto and the pork. All highly recommend. Lovely friendly restaurant. Very attentive staff in the Lakeside branch. 8 out of 10.

Rachael Simmons

We had fantastic service throughout our meal by Jana, she was very attentive and gave us lots of options.

The starters were lovely, olives were very fresh and flavoursome. Our favourite though was the rosemary flat breads, so moreish. The antipasti was very good, but there could have been slightly more meat.

Our mains averaged 7-8/10, we particularly enjoyed the pizza and pasta, I very much liked the butter the pasta was in, so even though it looked quite plain, it didn’t taste it! The sea bream however, because it was whole was an absolute pain for my mum to eat, she was constantly spitting out bones and in the end there was little fish there to eat! I suggest having a fillet here instead to avoid waste. She said the new potatoes were nice and earthy. My dad enjoyed the pork and mash, the risotto was OK, a little too sweet for our palates, but some people may like that.

The affogato and one similar to a panacotta (sorry, the name escapes me!) were both very nice, portion size was just right. However, the pistachio ice cream did not taste at all like pistachio, just a very nice vanilla! Still nice though :D

All in all, an excellent ambience and evening out, we gave it collectively 8/10.

Thankyou very much for providing us with the meals xx