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Situated alongside the waters edge just off Market Place, Strada Kingston is spread over two floors in this beautiful listed building.

It has a full bar area upstairs, with a grand dining area featuring high ceilings and many original features.


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1 The Griffin Centre
Market Place

Contact details

Tel: 020 8974 8555

Opening hours

Mon - Sun:
11.30am - 10.00pm

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Jennie Pickett

Visiting Strada is not something new, unlike the deliciously tempting new menu.
Although a little upset with some of our favourite dishes missing from the new menu, we were certainly consoled with a deliciously prepared dinner.

Starting the dinner with the Aglio Schiacciatella, a delicious little nibble for 2 to share or a yummy starter for one. A delicious hand stretched bread with a simple garlic and rosemary topping, a very subtle flavouring using fresh rosemary and garlic. This was a gorgeous starter to the meal, the bread was freshly cooked perfectly warm, doughy and fragrant.

The official starter was a platter of antipasto. A heavy slate board filled with traditional Italian ingredients. The creamiest buffalo mozzarella, perfectly vine ripened tomatoes, delicate parma ham and salami. With a healthy dollop of a yummy olive tapenade, and topping this all off with another delight in the shape of bruschetta. It seemed a shame to share this, and can cause a few arguments over who ate what but with all of this aside it did take us both back to our trip to Italy. It really does represent the finest Italian ingredients in a perfectly formed starter.

The main dish was quite hard to choose. Finally opting for the Risotto Zucca and Orata al forno. The zucca was a massive size dish of pumpkin risotto a gorgeous warm dense rice dish certainly perfect on the new menu. The pumpkin brining a sweetness to a very tasty rich stock that is not a sickly creamy, as some risottos can be. All the ingredients work perfectly together, our only ‘complaint’ being not enough of the perfectly sweet pumpkin! The Alforno, pan roasted sea bream. Certainly impressive being placed in front of my already salivating chops! This is not for diners who don’t like the head served in there fish. This is certainly not something that bothers me in the slightest, but I know of a few that dislike this. The fish was perfect with a crispy skin, and succulently fragranced. Delving deeper into the fish I found a massive sprig of rosemary and lemon wedges and this explained where all these gorgeous flavours were coming from, and was actually quite exciting to find. Served with one of my favourite sides, roasted new potatoes. Perfectly done and not underdone like some restaurants like to pass off as roasted potato! The green side yummy ness was certainly palate refreshing. This was my favourite dish I have had at Strada, and looking forward to revisiting to order again!

Desert is not usually something we bother with as most restaurants serve mediocre offerings. Unlike Strada. Here I cannot leave without having one of my favourite ever desserts. Affogato. Seriously understated in this country but this perfect little dessert of an espresso and ice cream works a treat, but they also adds little treat of a nougat and nutty topping which adds another dimension to this already perfect combination. The brand new desert of Bunet Piemontese. Wow! Just wow. A perfectly light chocolate moussey, custardy texture, with sprinkling of nuts and my favourite amaretto liquor crowning this glory. Seriously a delight and a must have desert!

We are always a fan of the yummy white wines available the fiano and il padrino are both gorgeous to go with pretty much any dish on the menu.

Complaints of the evening and meal, not one, but there hardly are any complaints visiting Strada. If you don’t want the trouble of travelling to Italy, and attempting to order in Italian (which is no easy feat) this is the place to ‘travel’ to instead!

Alastair Pilbrow

After a warm welcome we were shown to our table, buzzing with excitement at the prospect of being official Strada food reviewers.

The special ‘tasting menu’ started off with some olives together with garlic and rosemary flatbread, the olives plump and juicy and the flatbread light and fragrant. This was also complemented with a plate of Italian meats (Parma ham, Napoli salami) and the refreshing combination of Tomato and buffalo mozzarella. These did just what a starter should do – tease your tastebuds with an array of different flavours and sharpen your appetite for the main courses to come.

Delighting us next were the ‘Big 3’ of Italian cuisine – pizza, pasta and risotto. The pizza comprised 4 separate toppings combined into one pizza (Quattro Stagioni), the star ingredients being Luganica sausage, cotto ham, roasted artichoke and chestnut mushrooms, and with a base that was thin and crispy, we were in pizza heaven!

This was followed by a Puglian pasta dish with sausage, pancetta and Grana Padano cheese, and then a richly flavoured risotto of pumpkin, butternut squash and pine nuts – comfort food doesn’t come better than this!

Then came a pork fillet with butter sauce, delicately flavoured with sage, and the final dish of the main course was a whole sea bream – light, fresh and with a melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Polishing off our amazing tasting menu was some Italian ice cream and one of the most wickedly indulgent chocolate desserts I’ve ever had the good fortune to taste – a rich custard (similar to pannacotta) made with Italian chocolate, crushed Amaretti biscuits and a slight kick of amaretto liqueur. Mamma Mia!! This together with the most perfect expresso I’ve ever had brought proceedings to a wonderful finale.

Not forgetting the service – the cheery, attentive waitressing of Naomi and the welcome of the manager (sorry I didn’t get your name) – you both made us – my girlfriend and I - feel very special. With the flavours and fragrances of our menu, the mostly Italian staff (always a promising sign), and the large picture of an Italian olive grove opposite our table we could quite easily imagine we were in Italy rather than Kingston-upon-Thames. Strada (Italian for ‘street’), your food is right up our street.. Arrivederci!