Your local Strada is currently set to Harpenden


We're delighted to bring our blend of regional Italian cooking, warm service and stylish interiors to the picturesque and lively town of Harpenden.

Serving a delicious menu of regional Italian dishes including pizzas, pasta, risottos and some fantastic meat and fish secondi, Strada Harpenden is the perfect spot for a mid-shopping lunch break or a relaxing leisurely dinner.


  • Outside seats
  • Private room
  • Step free access
  • Accessible toilets
  • Free wifi


Victoria Works
Amenbury Lane

Contact details

Tel: 01582 462793

Opening hours

Mon - Sun:
11.30am - 10.00pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Lee Kasler

I thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience at Strada, I would now recommend it as definitely one of the best high street Italian restaurants. The service was attentive and polite, whilst the décor was modern yet welcoming.

We were given a warm greeting on arrival and were offered our choice of table, and having been shown our table we eagerly anticipated our meal.

The olives arrived – large, green olives which were very fresh and full of flavor. Personally, I am not one to order olives in a restaurant, but these were very good and were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The antipasto and the Schiacciatella aglio flat bread was then brought over. The bread was nicely cooked and cut into manageable slices, with a good flavour. The antipasto was nicely presented on a black slate, and included generous portions of mozzarella, meats, rocket and a olive tapenade. The flavours all complemented each other nicely and all tasted extremely fresh.

My favourite dish was the Orata al Forno, especially considering I would never order whole fish in an Italian restaurant. The fish was perfectly cooked and just fell off the bone, making it easy to cut. The fish also had a great flavour, with a rich lemon and thyme taste.

The Quattro stagioni was great, the 4 different toppings made it perfect for sharing, where not all party members eat meat. It was a perfectly thin and crispy base, which ensured the full flavour of the toppings came through and were not dominated by the base.

The saltimbocca maiale was also very nice. The pork fillet was well cooked and the crispy parma ham complemented it nicely. The mashed potato and the green beans also made nice additions.

The risotto was delicious. It was full of flavour, and the addition of the pancetta really kicked off the dish. The rice was perfectly cooked and was seasoned perfectly.

The Strozzapreti Pugliese was unfortunately my least favourite main course we tried. Although it had a nice chilli kick to it, the sausage was a little bit too fatty, and I prefer my pasta dishes to be a bit more saucy,

For desserts, my favourite was the bunet piemontese, a very nice chocolate dish with a generous portion of amaretto. The affogato was also enjoyable, and the shot of espresso gave the dish an interesting flavour and taste. I was, however, disappointed by the pistachio gelato, although it was refreshing and creamy, there was not much of a pistachio flavour!

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable meal, with attentive staff. I would definitely order the majority of these dishes again, and would strongly recommend them to anyone considering ordering them. A delicious meal with attentive service throughout has made Strada a stand-out restaurant on the high-street.


I visited strada in harpenden on a saturday night. There was a busy atmosphere but the service was still really good. The restaurant was nicely designed in a modern fasion too.

Firstly we had the olives which were big, buttery and just had a lovely flavour sitting in olive oil. next up was the gorgeous Rosemary bread. It was salty but had a delicate flavour.

The Antipasto platter was a fanstic starter. Theres creamy mozzarella, Rocket, olive tapinad which has a good strong flavour and tasted amazing with the bread.

All of the dishes were good portion sizes. We had 5 mains to try, all were very different but perfectly cooked. The risotto was amazing! Full of flavour, creamy and perfectly cooked rice. It came with rocket. The Pasta was delicious. Very spicy. I liked that it wasn't saucey, but dry with oil. Pasta was nicely cooked- al dente. The Fish was beautiful, and accompanied by lovely crunchy potatoes. There was a side salad, and green beans. It was a whole fish which had a lemony flavour and the fish was well cooked so it was nice and flakey and not dry at all. White fish flakey. The Pizza was thin and crispy with not too much sauce and 4 different toppings which gave good variety.

For dessert we had 3 treats to sample; Semifreddo which was really nice with a nougat flavour and everyone’s favorite! The Pancotta was very rich but had a wonderful almond taste. The small bits of ameretti biscuits crushed over it gave a good crunchy texture compared to smoothness of pudding. The Pistachio icecream was a beautiful mint green colour. It was really creamy and a great tasting was of cleansing the palette!

Overall all of the dishes were fantastic and I would highly recommend any of them! Great new menu Strada, I will definitely be eating these again!!

Lucy Richards

Italian restaurants are common place on the high street nowadays and it takes something special for one to stand out above the rest. Does Strada do this? Well I would have to say - yes. A cool, contemporary decor with an extensive menu and refreshingly good service.

Our meal in the Harpenden branch exceeded expectations from the start. We were greeted by a lively, smiling team member who showed us to our seat immediately putting us at ease as she laughed and joked with us. Our party of 4 children and 4 adults had been nicely tucked to one side of the restaurant allowing the children a little bit of room to play and not disturb other guests. A caring and considerate gesture. We were left with to get comfortable with menus as drinks were offered.

We began with large, green olives, not too salty and soaked in olive oil then moved quickly onto aglio flat bread and antipasto. A delicious selection of meats and cheese interestingly served on black slate. This dish looked great and didn’t dissapoint on the taste. The mozzarella was moist, the selection of meats delicious and the fresh, peppery rocket the perfect accompaniment. This starter offered a lovely smell of fresh basil and was more than enough for 2 people to share. The garlic flat bread was nicely seasoned with fresh rosemary yet was perphaps a little too salty for the children.

Our waitress continued to be attentive but not intrusive, ensuring we had everything and seemingly genuinely happy at being there. The restaurant was lively with a great buzz of conversation and dimmed lighting making for a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.

The quattro stagioni was awesome. Cooked in a wood-fired oven, resulting in the crusts bubbling and thin. It was juicy, flavoursome and light. There a good selection of topping and the ingredients all worked well together.

The Orata al Forno was well presented with baked sea bream, roasted new potatoes and a green salad. Fresh tasting and cooked to perfection. The fish had a succulent taste, with a delicacy not overpowered by the thyme and lemon. The potatoes and salad were the perfect combination of accompaniments.

I enjoy a saltimbocca dish and have cooked this at home with both chicken and turkey fillets but never pork. The pork fillet was well cooked and tender, there was not too much sage which was great as that can be overpowering if used heavy handedly. The parma ham was crispy which was great! At home I make this with a reduction of marsala wine, so I did miss the taste of that a little bit. The mashed potato was smooth and creamy and the green beans a good choice of side dish.

The risotto zucca offered a good mixture of textures from the crispy pancetta, the soft butternut squash and the creamy risotto. It was well seasoned and a tasty, elegant dish. This dish, as with all of the mains, was served at a great temperature.

In slight contrast the Strozzapreti pugliese was tasty but not as appealing. The dish looked fresh, offered a hint of spice and was nicely presented but the sausage was perphaps a little too fatty for my taste

The wine choice was good and we settled on a fresh, lively Pinot Grigio that went well with all dishes.

And then came the desserts. My personal favourite had to be the affogato. I love a little theatre in a restaurant and pouring an aromatic shot of espresso over iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream, breathing in the cooling arabica bean and then tasting the delicious coffee infused, bubbling concoction was heavenly. An experience I hope to repeat in the near future and one I would highly recommend.

The bunet piemontese was a chocolate lovers dream. A tasty combination of chocolate, hazelnuts, soft rich custard with crushed amaretti biscuits and a generous splash of amaretto liquer. Definately one for the adults!

I love a pistachio gelato and this one was refreshing and creamy with a subtle hint of pistachio.

The children ate off the set menu which offers a good choice and value for money.

A fabulous experience all-in-all. Great tasting, fresh food served in a lively environment by people who care and have fun. One thing I can be sure of is that I will be back soon!