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Strada Covent Garden is an Italian restaurant located on Tavistock Street, near the south side of the Covent Garden Market piazza.

Situated over three floors, the restaurant has several modern and stylish dining areas spread over two converted Georgian buildings.

So, if you're in the area enjoying a spot of shopping or visiting the theatre, drop in and enjoy Strada's menu of delicious hand-stretched pizzas, pastas, risottos and secondi.

Interested in private dining?

This restaurant has a private dining room, so if you’re planning a meeting, reception, birthday or anniversary - and whether it's a lunch or dinner, we have the room, menus and staff to ensure it's an event to remember.

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  • Outside seats
  • Private room
  • Step free access
  • Accessible toilets
  • Free wifi


13-15 Tavistock Street
The Opera Quarter
Covent Garden

Contact details

Tel: 020 3077 1127

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Katie Fletcher

After tussling through the underground myself and my partner Stephen immediately relaxed when stepping into Strada at Covent Garden.

We settled down in our seats and the waitress kindly explained all the dishes. We ordered Garlic Bread and Antipasto to start. The Garlic bread was a little too salty for our taste however with a dash of olive oil was enjoyable. The Antipasto was AMAZING. Fantastic portion size for two people, tasty meat selection, olive tapenade, creamy mozzarella, vine tomatoes and crisp rocket to add a slight pepper note. All presented on a slate for an added touch, throughly enjoyable and would most certainly recommend.

After having a rapid service time for starters we sat for what seemed some time before enquiring about our mains. This was a little disappointing but none the less they arrived hot and looking delicious. Risotto Zucca, Quattro Stagioni and Saltimbocca Maiale. The Risotto was really disappointing much to my surprise, lacking in taste and the risotto rice was very undercooked which seemed to take over the overall taste to the dish. Quattro Stagioni was fantastic, four flavours of Luganica Susage; Italian Cotto ham; roasted artichoke and chestnut mushrooms. Stephen was in heaven and not talking for over 20 minutes speaks volumes on taste! Saltimbocca Maiale of pork fillet with crispy parma ham, mashed potato, green beans and sage butter sauce. Presentation wise was a little disappointing… meat pale and mash could only be described as sloppy. However what the dish lacked in presentation seriously made up for in taste! The flavours were astonishing, sage butter and mash was sweet and full of flavour, alongside the pork with parma ham was an absolute delightful combination and we felt despite presentation this was our favourite dish and would most certainly order time and time again.

Affogato for dessert was a good concept, fresh, tasty homemade iced nougat and ice cream with a shot of hot espresso to pour over. Really refreshing and bursting with flavour, comforting and satisfying after a large meal.

Strada for me never fails in atmosphere and Covent Garden most certainly did not! The restaurant was calm, welcoming and one particular waiter had a fantastic sense of humour! :-), impressive Italian from all staff and we sat next to one Italian family and an Italian couple which all made great first impressions and making our evening feel even more authentic. Baring in mind this may not consequently occur when always dining at Strada the atmosphere, great food and waiters made the evening overall an absolute delight. Thank you Strada, Covent Garden.

Paul Esposito

Myself and my fiancee visited the Covent Garden branch (our first visit) on a busy Friday night. The streets were teaming with theatre goers and Xmas night-outs in full-swing.

We arrived at the branch and were taken to the upstairs room, greeted by two separate waiters and sat at a table between two family groups.

Nice atmosphere, not too loud and not too quiet - a rare thing in London Town! The food started arriving 15 minutes later, and there was a lot of it….

Starting-off with a Garlic Bread basket, and Antipasti (and enough food for 4 sharing) we were really delighted with the freshness of the bread and the range of flavours in the Antipasti - Proscuitto, Salami, (Buffalo?) Mozarella and Tomato and Rocket. A fantastic smorgasbord of food, really delightful.

Next-up was Risotto, Pasta with Sausage and Broccoli and a Quattro Stagioni pizza - Risotto was really nicely cooked and subtle flavours, the pasta was bolder and we both liked the picante sausagemeat throughout.
The pizza was good but paled next to those dishes, they were very, very good.

A Fish dish and a Saltimbocca followed - and now were starting to struggle :)
The Fish was heavily seasoned with Rosemary, not my favourite herb, but this was beautiful. Not overbearing at all. The Saltimbocca was tremendous! Both meats were succulent and the creamed potatoes were stunning (amazing how a simple potato can light-up your mouth with flavour when cooked properly).

Lastly we shared a Pistacchio gelato, a Baccio(?) mousse and another gelato that I think was Torrone flavoured? (it was delightful, delicious and definitely my favourite of the bunch).

I left a hefty tip at the end of the meal. This was a wonderful introduction to some menu items I’d never tried at Strada. The staff were really helpful, explaining all the dishes and just generally “good”. I’ll definitely be dining back at Strada Covent Garden.

Thanks again for this opportunity, Paul Esposito

Gabriella Lopez

I had the chance to enjoy a taster meal at Strada, Coven Garden.
I had booked for three people and we were given a booth with a large table where we could spread at will, which was fantastic as we are people who really like talking about things and enjoying ourselves.
This was my first Strada experience, out waiter was extremely kind and always smiling which means everything started really well from the begining.
I was amazed at how busy it was on a Saturday lunch time when I would have expected them going around looking for Christmas presents, instead they were taking a great pleasure in their food and drinks… too relaxed for Christmas…I thought
I am a red wine person whereas my friends have diferent taste in drinks simple water or soft drinks and so we ordered.
Our starter Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread wonderfully crunchy and light vanished before the waiter came with the rest of the starters: an absolutely treat of an antipasto Parma ham, mozzarella and olive tapenade along with some bruschetta each one so apetizing we almost didn’t speak at all.

When the main dishes arrived we were in awe all so beautifully presented and always with a great friendly smiles. We had Strozzapreti Pugliesi, maybe a little too spicy for my friend, risotto alla zucca a perfect combination of pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach and pine nuts, then a Quattro Stagioni pizza so divine it melt in the mouth, everything tasted so fresh we could hardly believe it was not home made food and as for the Orata… my friend found it far too overcooked. I didn’t try it as I had had enough with all the previous food.

To finish, we had Affogato, ice cream with a shot of espresso, just so italian it nearly sang Opera as it reached our table. We also had Brunet Piemontese swimming in amaretto, the liqueur that makes you fall in love and Gelato di Pistacchio a speciality so close to heaven you want to keep it for you, pity it melts… Our lunch finished with a lovely coffee and a happy happy happy belly.

Thank you to Strada and this wonderful prize although I don’t think it will finish here… we might meet again… plans in progress!

Ava Lee

Unfortunately not a great start as the staff had somehow lost our booking for the table but eventually got seated. The waiter who served us was also confused by the purpose of the sample menu and was very unsure so I suppose that communication could have been better if the booking was not lost.

The olives and antipasto were our favourites for starters. The flat bread was unfortunately too salty on some bits.

The best main was the risotto and I would happily eat it again, anytime. The Strozzapreti pasta was lacking in flavour whilst the meat was full of flavour so unsure of whether they both really combined together well as a result. Pizza was lacking in flavour also. Sea bream was cooked well, but felt it was lacking in a sauce to make up for the dryness and the Saltimbocca Maiale had some amazingly smooth mash but the dish overall was not terribly exciting.

Finally the dessert. The Bunet Piemontese and Pistachio Gelato were fantastic.No complaints about either of them. The Pistachio Gelato had this wonderful nutty flavour towards the end when you take a spoonful. Texture of the Gelato was also perfectly smooth with a creamy texture that melts so well in the mouth. Loved the amaretto liqueur in the Piemontese. Affogato was also not bad either, although regretted pouring too much of the espresso on top.

The waiter was very pleasant and attentive, in spite of the confusion in the beginning. As for the food, there are certainly a few dishes I would have again and possibly others I could try again if the flavours improve. Otherwise not a bad menu selection.

Adele Winston

This branch is just off Covent Garden and the Strand, so could not be more convenient for shops and the theatre.

The decor is attractive and welcoming and the seats are very comfortable.

Before I review the food I must remember a special mention for our waitress, Iwona, who took so much trouble to make our visit a special occasion.

My friend and I eat out in the West End often but neither of us can remember such delicious food.

We were both rather taken aback at how beautifully presented and tasty everything was. All the dishes were a delight, and everything was perfectly cooked.

We had a splendid lunch and can’t wait to tell all our friends and to eat there again.

Thank you so much.

Chrissy Schneider

We had a fantastic meal at Strada Covent Garden.

The Olive Tapenade made an excellent accompaniment to the Rosemary and Garlic Flat Bread.

The Risotto Zucca was hands down favourite for three out of four of us and the Orata al forno was cooked and seasoned to perfection - I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such fresh fish in the UK!

We loved the Affogato, such an interesting and different dessert. The Pistachio Gelato was as if we had been transported to Italy!

The evening was made complete by our waiter, Robin. He was such a good host and really took care of us throughout the evening.

Can’t wait to go back again!