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Strada is located in Mermaid Quay, the stunning leisure destination for eating and relaxing on the waterfront in Cardiff Bay.

The restaurant has a bright and contemporary feel with plenty of outside seating for al fresco dining and sea views.


  • Outside seats
  • Free wifi


24 Mermaid Quay
Cardiff Bay
CF10 5BZ

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Tel: 029 2048 2112

Opening hours

Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

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Caroline Miles

Strada Cardiff Bay is situated in a very picturesque waterside location and the restaurant is very sympathetic to its backdrop with its contemporary glass frontage and fresh interior. The combination created a pleasurable ambience in which to sample the tasting menu which aimed to provide an authentic culinary tour through the streets of Italy. From Pugilia in the south to Trentino in the North the culinary experience overall did not disappoint.
For the first course we were treated to some ideal sharing starters, fresh green olives, garlic and rosemary flatbread and an antipasto. All extremely pleasing but the highlight and undeniable favourite was the platter of Italian flavours - antipasto. The tastes complimented each other perfectly the saltiness of the meat off set by the delicate milky flavour of the mozzarella and sweet vine ripened tomatoes, a definite recommendation.

Onto the primi courses of pizza, pasta and risotto and an opportunity to taste dishes in each category, sampling meals that would not of necessarily have been a first choice for us but excitingly allowed us to alter certain predetermined thoughts. A prime example being the Risotto Zucca principally made of pumpkin, butternut squash and spinach, as avid meat eaters this was the surprising but outstanding dish that we would all greatly champion and encourage others to try. The Strozzapreti Puglise Pasta was very tasty with a welcomed firey kick brought about as a result of the indispensable red chilli butter. Most disappointingly for us was the Quattro Stagioni pizza after the strong definite flavours of the previous two courses that packed a real punch, we found this pizza to be rather bland and disappointing. Maybe had it been eaten first our feelings would be different.

For the mains we got to try a meat and fish dish, Saltimbocca Maiale and Orata Al Forno. As a regular to Strada the Saltimbocca was already a firm favourite, pork fillet with crispy parma ham and sage butter and did not fail to please, a classic and perfectly matched combination. The Fish, a whole Sea Bream pan roasted in Lemon and Thyme could have been a star of the show but unfortunately had been overcooked and was consequently was too dry and less than enjoyable.

To finish we were treated to two desserts a Affogato and Gelato of pistachio. Both were a pleasing as they were both refreshing and light. The Affogato was very theatrical as you were encouraged to pour a hot expresso shot over the iced nougat. The amalgamation of hot and cold created a pleasurable experience in your mouth and brought a delightful flavouring a coffee which was a satisfying conclusion to the meal.

Thank you for a most pleasurable evening I recommend anyone in the vicinity of Cardiff Bay to come and give the New Strada Menu a try, you will not be disappointed!!!

Jemma Allerton

Fantastic menu really good service, the Ameretto desert was a little too strong but loved the Nougat desert so did my little one!! Loved the Sea Bream very healthy option could have done with having the potatoes on the side.

Was very impressed much better than I've been a few years ago

Verity Scott

Firstly I would like to thank Strada for taking the initiative to allow the general public to review the menu. I decided to take three of my friends, two of which were vegetarian so from the outset there was a varied selection of food available on the menu that we would be able to enjoy together.

We were greeted with a friendly smile and an attentive and very knowledgeable waiter called ‘Bernardo’ who firstly introduced us with great ease to the extensive wine list. His suggestion catered for our needs with two suggestions. One above our original choice and a second below, this was not to discourage our decision-making but to simply offer in his opinion a more palatable wine, and indeed the Verdiccio went down so well we had two bottles.

The Antipasto with olives and Flat Bread were beautifully presented (we did spot the serving of it on a slate plate in a Welsh branch. Which if not an intentional design decision, certainly was an ironic and well placed one) the starter allowed the whole party to share with ease allowing for the wine and conversation to flow into the sharing of the pizza.

The pizza was simple with a delightfully thin crust, although a little bit unadventurous, I would hope that any pizzas on the regular menu would have a wider selection of toppings. The Risotto on the other hand (minus the pancetta for the vegetarians) was the most successful of the mains and as a meat eater I did not feel that it lacked the missing flavor of the pancetta as it had a full and rich texture to it. The pork fillet, sausage pasta and sea bream were the heavier dishes in comparison with strong oaky textures. I especially liked the attention to serving pasta that is not so well recognized and admired the waiter for knowing that it’s translation into English meant ‘strangled priest’. This added to the novelty but did not distract from the broad flavor and spicy hit from the chili.

Onto the deserts and we certainly felt as though we had been fed like kings and the selection available was a welcome contrast to the usual pannacotta’s and ices available at other Italian chained restaurants, in addition to the ‘Mexican’ coffee as apposed to a conventional espresso.

One thing to note that is not pointed out on the menu or in your USP, is that all the food is cooked ‘fresh’ and any dish on the menu can be adapted according to personal tastes or requirements. I think this is a very important factor to mention as it completely changed my opinion about recommending the restaurant to friends. The service was impeccable although I would wonder if the waiters were over compensating as we were reviewing. I would like to go back and see if the service is the same a second time around. All in all we were very pleased with the selection of food, the venue was well situated and the décor was modern and inoffensive. Yes I will consider changing my dining habits as I feel that Strada deserves another chance to show how well placed they are in the competitive restaurant market.

Susan Gershenson

The antipasto was well balanced with a good spectrum of flavours, including rich olive tapenade, which was an excellent compliment to the well cured palma ham.

The garlic flat bread was light and fluffy and well seasoned and all very well presented on a slate platter.

The strozzeperti pugliese achieved the perfect balance of flavour and texture. Was excellent with the meats but a vegetarian version would also be well received.

The quattro stagioni pizza was as a good Italian pizza should be, well cooked with good quality ingredients. The saltimbocca maiale was perfectly cooked, tender and succulent, with an excellent compliment of mash potato, green beans and sage butter sauce.

The orata al forno was succulent yet crisp, the lightly spiced potatoes were a perfect accompaniment, which provided substance to the meal without overpowering the delicate flavours of the fish.

The affogato was delicious! I loved the contrast between the ice-cream and hot espresso. The pistachio gelato was refreshing and a lovely light dessert.

The resturant has a lovely welcoming ambience and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely go again.

Keili Lawrence

I’d never been to Strada before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

My eldest daughter isn’t very adventurous with food and wasn’t too keen about coming so my “four” ended up being me, my husband, youngest daughter (age 9) and my sister.

We arrived on a cold Saturday afternoon and loved the idea of the blankets outside to wrap up in - but we’re not that mad so we sat inside by the windows. The staff were extremely helpful and brought our drinks very quickly.

The olives arrived first and my sister and daughter ate most of those as my husband and I don’t like olives. I did try one - but I definitely don’t like them! The flat bread and antipasto were both lovely and we ate it all.

We shared the mains between us and whilst the youngest liked the pizza, the other three of us put that at the bottom of the list. Sorry but it really didn’t wow me, I prefer pizza that I make if I’m honest. The other dishes were lovely with the favourite being the risotto, followed by the pasta, fish and pork. I expected great things from the pork after reading some other reviews but we weren’t wowed by it like some seem to be. My 9 year old tried everything and the only thing she didn’t really like was the pasta as she had a particularly chilli bit and it was too hot for her.

Next came the desserts! The Affrogato was LOVELY but I felt it was somewhat spoilt by the addition of the espresso. The coffee went instantly cold and it was so strong it completely drowned anything else out. We were all glad that we’d tasted it before we added the espresso. The gelato was very nice - this was a definite favourite of the 9 year old! Absolute favourite was the Bunet Piemontese. With this the staff surpassed themselves as they brought out a non-alcoholic version for our youngest taster - we were very impressed by that! She liked it but preferred the gelato so we shared it out between us. We all enjoyed it with and without the alcohol and also with the espresso - there was some left so it made sense to try it!

All in all it was a lovely meal and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a moment of hilarity when the waitress was chatting to us after cleaning up a spillage (from another waitress) and she inadvertently sprayed the cleaning stuff over my sisters arm. The poor girl was mortified but there was no harm done and we just found it funny!

THANK YOU for choosing us.

Lorraine Cooper

What can I say? I’ve never seen olives so big! The antipasti plate was a resounding success, even the non-olive eaters liked the tapenade, the speck, salami & Parma hams were all delicious, and the buffalo mozzarella soft, squishy and rich. And even my 2 year old daughter tucked in to the garlic & rosemary bread with gusto.

As for the main courses, the strozzapreti was deceptive, it looked so mild-mannered, but had a real chilli kick, great for the winter! The Saltimbocca was rich & delicious, and I love the mashed potato. The Sea Bream was a delight, a good contrast to the richness of the Saltimbocca, though the teeth took me by surprise. The Quattro Stagioni pizza was delicious, the artichoke hearts an unusual but very enjoyable topping, alongside some more traditional choices. And saving the best for last, the Risotto Zucca. I honestly could move in, and never eat anything else again! This was really, really special, so rich, creamy, tasty, the pine nuts balancing the sweetness of the butternut squash. Really, I could eat this forever.

And the deserts? The Affogato is a sensory experience - not as extreme as a Heston Blumenthal special, but the cold of the semi-freddo with the hot espresso makes my tongue tingle. The pistachio gelato was a new dish for me, I was surprised that it doesn’t taste of nuts, instead it’s sweet and smooth and something I’ll definitely order again. And I eventually managed to prise the spoon out of my daughter’s hands to try the Bunet Piemontese (we had the amaretto liqueur on the side!), and found a gloriously rich chocolate custard pudding, far too good to share.

The whole menu was a treat, a mixture of familiar dishes and things we may not otherwise have tried. The balance of dishes was just right, something for everyone, and we’ll definitely be back for more! (I might leave my daughter at home next time, more for me that way)

Gary Davies

As frauline Maria stated in the film Sound of Music “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start”


STRADA Cardiff, first of all, is in a prime location on Cardiff Bay, a stone’s throw away from the Wales Millennium Centre. The inside décor is modern and classy and the setting is quiet and tranquil which results in a pleasant place to eat and drink.

The Dining Experience

Upon arrival we were greeted by the manageress who showed us to our table. Drinks were ordered, two bottles of perroni (£3.75 each) and two cokes (£2.25 each) which I thought were expensive for the quantity received. However, the food that was to come was simply gorgeous.

We had three different starters - OLIVES, AGLIO FLAT BREAD & ANTIPASTO. Now I would take my comments on the olives with a pinch of salt. They’re like marmite, “you either love it or hate it”. I’ve never tasted olives before, but I bit the bullet and gave them a go, and to be honest I wouldn’t try them again. They have no taste and are very salty. However, the aglio flat bread & antipasto were lovely. Both dishes were very well presented. The flat bread just melted in your mouth and was sublime so I would definitely recommend. The antipasto was also nice but the brown substance (looked a bit like mashed black pudding) had a very strong taste and wasn’t the nicest in complimenting the stunning ham, salami and cheeses that made up the dish.

For mains, we were treated to 5 different main courses as below. All were fantastically presented and all were a pleasure to eat.

STROZZAPRETI PUGLIESE (A classic dish from Puglia. Traditional hand twisted Strozzapreti pasta, Luganica sausage, pancetta, and broccoli, with red chilli butter & Grana Padano cheese.)

All the ingredients complimented each other well. The taste to the pallet was awesome. I love my pasta and I have to say this is one of the nicest I’ve tasted.

RISOTTO ZUCCA (Pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts)

This again was a very nice dish, but I felt the more you ate the more sickly it became, but I’m not a risotto lover so again I would take this comment with a bit of salt.

QUATTRO STAGIONI (Four fabulous pizzas in one: Luganica sausage; Italian cotto ham; roasted artichoke and chestnut mushrooms)

This pizza was magnificent. The base was thin and crispy and the flavours on the topping were beautifull.

SALTIMBOCCA MAIALE (Pork fillet with crispy Parma ham, mashed potato, green beans and a sage butter sauce)

This was my favourite dish from the main menu. Presented simply and effective in the bowl, the mash was to die for, the green beans were fresh and crunchy and the pork fillet was lovely. A truly magnificent dish in my eyes and would definitely order this again.

ORATA AL FORNO (A whole sea bream, pan roasted with lemon & thyme, served with a green salad and roasted new potatoes)

The fish itself was beautiful to the taste and was presented in its full form complete with head and tail intact and teeth showing. Now this doesn’t bother me but it definitely put my guests off eating the dish. The new potatoes were gorgeous, but I felt there weren’t enough of them on the plate. In future I would recommend presenting the fish in a different manner but other than that the dish was nice.

To finish we had three different desserts –

AFFOGATO (an iced nougat ice cream with shot of coffee), BUNET PIEMONTESE (soft rich custard with chocolate, hazelnuts and amoretti biscuits) and PISTACHIO GELATO (a green pistachio ice cream).

All three desserts were lovely; the pistachio gelato was tremendous and couldn’t fault it. The bunet piemontese was very nice but I felt there was too much amaretto liquor added and the affogato was nice too, but I added too much espresso to it which I felt spoilt the dish, If you were to order this I would definitely recommend not to add too much espresso.

In summary it was a fantastic dining experience and I would definitely visit a Strada restaurant again. The setting was great, the staff were friendly, helpful and very efficient (special thanks to Emily who served us during our stay) and the food was made to a high standard and presented equally well. The fact that I won this tasters experience in a competition made the experience even better because it gave me the option of sampling a variety of dishes, some of which I wouldn’t normally order.

On the negative side, I feel the dishes are quite expensive for what you receive and the drinks are over-priced. The sea bream should be served with more new potatoes and maybe presented without the head & tail, and I felt the need for more mash on the pork fillet. However, other than these it was a lovely menu to taste and one I would definitely welcome to try again.

I’ll definitely be recommending your restaurants to fiend and family.

Emma Clarke

Both the service and food were fantastic.

I am not a fan of olives but ate the ones we were given and enjoyed them.

The Flat bread was wonderful and equally amazing was the Antipasto with a very nice selection.

All five main courses were great. The fish was divine, one of my guests took very well to that and ate a large portion. The risotto was very nice and creamy just how it should be. The mash that came with the pork was to die for, as was the pork itself. The pizza was left until the end so had gone a little cold unfortunately so this was my least favourite, however i loved the way it was cooked and the toppings were really nice especially the sausage.

My favourite main was the amazing pasta with a lovely chilli kick. Cooked to perfection.

All the desserts were amazing but my particular favourite was the Pistachio Gelato. I have never tried it before but will definitely return to sample another portion.

All staff were extremely helpful and attentive to our needs. A particular mention to Jack who was a delight to have serving us. A great smile and made us feel very welcome. A very enjoyable experience, in a lovely relaxed and comfortable setting. Thank You Strada.

Mellissa Williams

We attended Strada in Cardiff Bay on the 27th of Nov 2012. The restaurant was very attractive in a modern style and we were warmly welcomed. Our server Jack was so friendly and helpful and was a great server.

We ate from the tasting menu and there was lots of food. The Antipasto was delicious and enough for a few people to nibble on and the Aglio flat bread was nice and light however I felt it could have more garlic on it. None of our party could fault the mains.

The Strozzapeti Pugliese was really delicious -my son really rated this, and the sausage added generous flavour to the pasta dish . It also had a hint of heat without being overbearing.

The Risotto Zucca was a particular favourite of mine. This pumpkin risotto was topped with pancetta and pine nuts which added a nice crunch and texture and the sweetness of the pumpkin and butternut squash was lovely,

The Saltibocca Maiale was simply devine! This pork fillet wrapped in crispy Parma ham was served with creamy mash, green beans and a sage butter sauce. This dish was so tasty.

Next we tried the Orata Al Forno which was sea bream. This was well cooked and served simply with salad and roast potatoes and was all the better for it.

The last main course was the Quattro Stagioli, which is a pizza, topped with mushrooms, ham, artichoke and sausage. The base of the pizza was very light and crispy and the toppings were lovely and tasty. Perhaps it would be a good idea to give a choice of toppings for this pizza as our party did not like artichoke but that is just a personal preference.

We then moved onto the desserts - The Pistachio Gelato ice cream was sweet and delicious.

The Bunet Piemontise was next - a chocolate dessert with Amaretto. If you like chocolate you will love this! The Amaretto added a touch of naughtiness to the already indulgent dessert.

Yet I have saved the best to last the Affogato was outstanding – a beautiful iced-nougat semi freddo ice cream but with the added oomph! of an expresso to pour over it. Creamy and innocent until you add the coffee. All I can say is WOW!

We washed this meal down with a very easy drinking Sauvignon Blanc and water.

Overall we all really enjoyed out trip to Strada and would recommend it to others.

Diane Richardson


My name is Diane Richarson and I was chosen recently as a food reviewer for your new menu.

Last night myself and two friends spent a very enjoyable evening at Strada, Cardiff Bay.

We were warmly greeted by Jools, who looked after us for the evening. He was very attentive, and knowledgeable as to the ingredients of each dish.

For starters we decided to have one of each dish and share. The olives were big and juicy, the flatbreads had just the right amount of garlic and rosemary and were divine with the tapenade from the antipasto. The antipasto platter was very generous and well presented.

I chose Strozzapreti Pugliese ( £10.95 ) for my main and was very a little apprehensive when it arrived as I would usually choose a more liquid based sauce with my pasta. I was very happy with my choice, there was so much flavour from the sausage and pancetta, and just the right amount of “kick” from the chillies. My guests had Saltibocca maiale ( £13.95 ) the pork was served on a plate of mash which was described by my friend as light and fluffy. I also had a taste of the pork which was cooked just right, and wrapped in parma ham again very flavoursome. My other guest had orata al forno, ( £14.75 ) which was very enjoyable the fish was firm and white and fell off the bone, Jools very helpfully brought a side plate for the bones! I thought the mains, and starter was reasonably priced, the desserts a little bit expensive.

The only disappointment was that there was no bunet piemontese, but Jools was very apologetic and said we could choose any dishes from the full menu for our dessert. My guests had the melting chocolate pots ( an old favourite! ) although one of them did think it could have been served slightly warmer, and after discussing the choices with Jools, I decided on the mango sorbet. The mango flavour was so intense and refreshing and just the right way to finish off what was a wonderful meal. I was very impressed with the dishes we had and will certainly be returning to sample more in the future. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to taste and review the menu.

Kind regards,

Diane Richardson

Ahmed Mohammed Sayed Mohammed Mostafa

Place: A nice mix of cosiness and contemporary Italian design.

Olives were fresh.

Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread: The bread was tender and crispy. However, was a little bit salty.

Antipasto: All in all it is a perfect starter. Ham was tender, mozzarella was fresh and the dish was well presented.

Strozzapreti Pugliese: Special good quality pasta with very good spicy flavor. It is different from the usual pasta.

Risotto Zucca: Very well cooked and the mixture of ingredients (especially the pumpkin and the pine nuts) makes the risotto different. The dish had a good taste with a very good balance between sweet and sour taste.

Quattro Stagioni: Dough is average, but the toppings in general are good. For sure, it is one of the best pizzas I had in Cardiff.

Saltimbocca Maiale: It is a perfect dish. It is a simple dish in which the meat is soft and well cooked. The mashed potatoes were very tasty and not heavy, and the vegetables were very fresh and tasty. The dish is also very good looking.

Orata Al Forno: It is a very healthy dish. The sea bream was fresh and tender and had a good smell! The roasted potatoes were also very tasty.

Affogato: Nougat gives a special taste to the ice cream. In general, it is good without coffee, but special with coffee.

Pestachio Gelato: Really good!

My friends and I enjoyed our time much in Strada, but will we come back again? Of course, Strada is a street where dreams of real Italian food come true!

Claire Russell

The starters comprised of schiacciatella aglio flat bread and antipasto. The garlic bread was light, crispy and full of flavour although perhaos a little over salted at points whilst the platter of meats were both light and satisfying.

For our main course we had both the saltimbocca maiale and the strozzapreti pugliese. The pork was cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection and complimented well by the mashed potatoes and sage butter sauce. The pasta was full of flavour and not lacking in kick as a result of the chilli pepper although perhaps a little less would have made the dish less softer on the tongue. The broccoli could also have been a little softer for my taste but overall an enjoyable dish I would recommend.

We finished our meal with two deserts. The first was the bunet piemontese which could only be described as heavenly. The other was the pistachio gelato which I found to be refreshing on the mouth with a flavour not overly strong but present enough to provide a soothing sweetness with a hint of nut.

Throughout the meal we were served by Marie who was helpful, extremely pleasant and made the evening that extra bit special with her smiley and polite and demeanour.