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The Camden Strada is a light and airy Italian restaurant with an open kitchen providing a view of the wood fired oven.

Located on Parkway, close to Camden Town Tube and a few minutes walk from the upmarket Primrose Hill and London Zoo, the restaurant serves Strada's menu of freshly made hand-stretched pizzas, pastas, risottos and secondi.

This Strada has seating for up to 95 people, with a small outside terrace for those looking to soak up the sun with their lunch.


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40-42 Parkway

Contact details

Tel: 020 7428 9653

Opening hours

Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 10.00pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Wei Chern Ang

Initially, we were greeted warmly by the restaurant staffs (despite the cold weather outside that day!).

The starter, Olives were appetising! The antipasto were fresh and succulent.

The main: Strozzapreti pasta, were a hint of cheese, without being too ‘cheesy’.

The pizzas were a real symphony! I like how the four flavours mix together in a pizza.

The desserts impress us well, although we were quite full at that point.

Ice cream served with hot cappacino was well done!

The pannacotta-ish dessert (I forgot the name) was a cacophony of flavours too that melted in our mouth.

The pistachio gelato was soft in texture. Not many Italian restaurants nor gelato vendors in Italy (that I encountered) could make this standard of gelato.

Overall, great food! Great atmosphere. What can I ask for more?

Marcus Tucker

I’ve been dining at Strada for many years and have come to love its ability to deliver a reliably delicious & authentic taste of Italy whenever I want it, wherever I am. On this particular evening we enjoyed Castelvetrano olives (their juicy flesh bursting with flavour), a quattro stagioni pizza (each quarter/season well complemented by the others), the baked sea bream (huge, delicious and perfectly cooked) and the pistachio gelato (which was excellent - almost as good as the one I had in Naples a few weeks before). I look forward to my next meal there!

Sarah Howells

For starters we had some very fresh olives, delicious garlic and rosemary flat bread (Schiacciate Aglio) and Antipasto with various meats, mozzarella, tomatoes, grilled bread and tapenade. The salami in particular was very good and I would recommend the flat bread as a great and easy sharing starter.

For mains we had a veritable selection of Italian choices. One of my guests is vegetarian and the chef kindly omitted the pancetta from her Risotto Succa dish. The pumpkin had a very good flavour and was a great example of a risotto. We shared the Pizza Contadina which was topped with grilled vegetables and goats’ cheese, a classic vegetarian pizza.

Strada pizza is very traditional and well worth a try. Our pasta dish was Strozzapreti Pugliese and described by the waiter as ‘a truly Italian dish’. The sausage was beautifully cooked and the chilli butter gave pleasing warmth to the dish but I wouldn’t describe it as spicy.

The fish dish was beautiful Sea Bream (Orata al Forno). I also enjoyed the side salad; the dressing in particular complemented the fish.

The stand out dish for me was the Saltimbocca Maiale. It was accompanied by creamy mash that was a little salty but I enjoyed and also some al dente beans that were cooked just as they should be. The crispiness of the Parma ham around the pork was enjoyed by all my guests (except the vegetarian one of course) and the dish was the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s evening.

Now on to desserts! We shared pistachio gelato that was enjoyable but I would have liked a stronger pistachio flavour. We also enjoyed classic affogato but the favourite was a dessert made at the restaurant called Bunet Piemontese. It was a dome of chocolate custard with crumbled Amaretti biscuits and a shot of amaretto liqueur sprinkled and splashed over the top. It was truly scrumptious; light enough to be enjoyed after a full meal yet with a richness that made it a real treat. Will definitely be ordering it again!

Micah Smith

We began our meal with Sicilian Castelvetrano olives. Very large and very green, they were a perfect appetiser. Our waiter suggested the aromatic Falanghiina wine as an accompaniment and we were grateful - delicious stuff!

Next we enjoyed a basket of warm, crispy bread, flavoured with rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. Crunchy and oily and very pleasing.

When it came to the mains, the consensus winner was the Seabass. It was beautifully fresh, flavoursome and lemony. The quatro stagioni was another revelation - with four different toppings, split into four sections, everyone got something they wanted.

The three desserts on the menu worked well in combination - if you can, get all three and share between your party! The lightness of the pistachio ice cream was a great counterpoint to the richness of the bunet piemontese - while the affogato, mixing expresso and ice cream, resolved the dilemma of whether one can justify getting both coffee and dessert!

When the meal ended, the waiter kindly gave us a tipple of limoncello on the house; a sweet and satisfying end to a fresh, filling, and fantastic meal. We recommend!

Cissy Yong

On first impressions I was pleasantly surprised! The restaurant was classically decorated with a sophisticated air. However, the ambience was dampened by the lack of customers. Right off the bat the waiters were very friendly and made my friends and I feel welcome with a bit of banter.

We sampled most dishes on the new menu, which were all beautifully presented. The antipasto was visually appealing with vivid greens and reds, and there was a good selection of cured meats. The olive tamponade and buffulo mozerella were highlights of the starter.

Each dish had its own introduction accompanied by a quirky cultural fact. The food was good quality with one outstanding dish - the Orata Al Forno, the sea bream. The fish was very fresh, moist but with a nice crisp skin. I was also impressed with the generously portioned Quattro stagioni, a thin based, crispy pizza with four different Italian toppings - something for even the fussiest of eaters.

To finish off, we were offered three tantalising desserts, which complemented the meal perfectly. Particularly memorable was the affogato, a semi-freddo ice cream that was bathed in a shot of Espresso, the ultimate definition of bitter sweet.

Overall, Strada’s new menu has brought some exciting dishes to the table. It combines classic presentation with great flavours.

William Witt

As ever, the food was excellent.

Olives - tasty, juicy, plump and a good texture.

Flat bread - excellent, lovely salty taste - went extremely well with olive paste that came with Antipasto. Perhaps could come with flat bread too.

Antipasto - lovely - bruscetta needed lots of salt and pepper. Lovely salami and parma. Nice Mozerella. Tasty Olive paste.

Sea Bream - by all accounts lovely and meaty.

Four Seasons pizza - VERY tasty ham, nice mushrooms, sausage not the best, personal preference not for cooked artichoke.

Desert a little more disappointing. Pistachio ice cream very icy - I like a creamy soft ice cream.

Coffee shot with soft gelato thing - good taste texture and nice coffee - recommend for any coffee enthusiast.

All in all a lovely lunch.

Marcel Wiel

As ever, the starters were brilliant. Having one of each allowed us to sample all three, plus they all went together just great. The olives were large, plump and juicy ... and surprisingly fresh tasting. The schiacciatella aglio had the lovely super-thin pizza base that keeps my partner and I going back to Strada. For my taste, it could have been more garlicky, but I do tend to overdose on garlic at the drop of a hat. My two guests happily munched through theirs. Lastly the antipasti - always fresh, with a nice mix of cold cuts, light mozzarella and tasty tapenade.

For our mains, we went for the orata al forno, the saltimbocca and a four seasons pizza. The sea bream was worked well for one of my guests, a veggie who does fish. She looked happy and I had a taste: the flesh of the fish was plump, with a lovely BBQ smokiness to it and the sauteed potatoes weren’t greasy. My pork fillets were great - not at all fatty or overcooked - and worked very well with the mashed potatoes and green beans. What was great with the mash was that it was clearly more than just mash: the chef had seasoned it and worked great to mop up the jus of the veal. My partner lawn-mowered his way through his pizza and cleared his plate in no time, barring a few crusts. His mum is from Italy, she makes her own pizza and he says Strada pizzas are the best he’s ever tasted in London.

For desserts, we tried all three choices and here it was much easier to rank them - plus, all three of us agreed:

In first place, the bunet piemontese ... we just loved the heady mix of amoretto and chocolate custard, with all the crunchy bits. This combo worked really well. 5/5

In second place, the afogato. It was really nice, but not as nice as the bunet piemontese. Also, it had much subtler, un-alcoholised taste. The nougat seemed to struggle a bit to be tasted. 4/5

In third place, the pistachio gelato. It was good, but not special. It did taste of pistachios, but not enough. 3/5

To drink, we had a bottle of the Padrino house red and a bottle of sparkling water. I love this wine, it’s what I drink at home. When my partner and I next go back to Strada, I’m guessing we’ll go for the three starters, then the sea bream (him) maybe giving the pumpkin risotto a go (me), finishing off with at least one bunet piemontese and two shots of limoncella.

Sounds like a plan!

Debbie Toson

Visited with 3 friends and found the food to be of good quality served by attentive but unobtrusive staff in a great atmosphere. WOW.

The antipasto was amazing and the pizza, risotto, pork fillet and sea bream were delicious and plentiful leaving us with a problem with desert – but the bunet and pistachio ice cream were so irresistible that none was left!!

The food was fresh and full of flavour and I have no hesitation in recommending this restaurant.

Lourens Reichert

Visited Camden Strada yesterday, a regular for me and my partner. We were there to try out their new menu and as one would expect, it was excellent!

Firstly, the dining staff were great. After recent disappointments in other eateries, it was a breath of fresh air to such friendly, efficient and helpful staff. Half the battle was won already.

We had several courses. Starting with some superb breads and antipasti. Fresh hot on-location baked bread mixed with bruschetta, salami, mozzarella, Parma Ham and ripe juicy and full flavoured tomatoes. Couldn’t fault it one bit!!! The Olive tapenade was a bit salty but good nonetheless!!

The Quattro Stagioni was sensational (having had it before it was better than I recalled). Strada’s base and sauce is simply the best in the UK in my opinion, topped with fresh seasonal ingredients, the Luganica sausage and roasted artichoke the best of the lot (especially when put together). I have made the pizza base and sauce several times myself since subscribing to chef Maurice Maffeo’s podcast and it is simply excellent!!

Next up was the Strozzapreti. This traditional dish from Puglia, whist very tasty, combined pancetta and Luganica sausage mixed with chilli butter and was too rich for me. I would have wanted to taste a sweet or a sour in there personally (Cherry Tomato, Pepper, Onion etc). Still though, a very good dish made with top notch produce.

We also had the pleasure of having the new Saltimbocca. This one though is made with pork fillet and wrapped up in crisped up Parma Ham served with mash, green beans and a Sage sauce. A beautiful dish. Whilst I am used to (and big fan of) the normal Veal version, this was great. The pork (which always has a tendency to be dry or tough) was soft, juicy and went perfectly with the Parma ham. The mash was equally good and the sauce simply perfect in this plate! I loved it! The only criticism I had was that I prefer my green beans to be pan-fried, rather than boiled. But otherwise, perfect.

We finished off with Bunet Piemontese, a chocolate panacotta variant with Amaretti biscuit crushed on top and Amaratto liqueur on the side (which I didn’t bother with). When Strada’s panacotta is made and prepared right, it is the best dessert on earth - every now and again it is not cold enough, too runny or occasionally a bit dry and too rigid etc – but when done well, it is my favourite dessert anywhere. I don’t even bother with the coulis. So this Bunet had a lot to live up to. It was lovely I’ll admit. Not quite up there with the panacotta, but a great dessert nonetheless! Not too rich either. Just felt like it was a good finish to a good meal. And even though I ate far more than I should have, I didn’t feel sick exiting the restaurant. Another testament to Strada’s quality of produce.

This was a cracking meal out and the staff made it even better. And I am now TOTALLY hooked on Luganica sausage!

8.5 out of 10 and well deserved too! Thanks to all!