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This STRADA is split over two floors with an opening glass frontage allowing for a light and airy contemporary dining experience.

It is situated in the heart of Blackheath village with all it's quaint and boutique shops.


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5 Lee Road

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Tel: 0208 318 6644

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Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

William Graham

While food is always the reason to visit a restaurant, the way the people greet you make the experience. And the staff at Blackheath have this down to perfection.

Without having to explain, they had our table ready, the tasting menu for us and more than happy to get us drinks and ensure we were happy and relaxed. Well we were now!!

The bread basket and olives were great - the bread more than the olives (the first one being great but not a dish I could spend all night eating). The bread I could!!

Then the feast began!! the amazing pizza, risotto, the WHOLE fish (which was cooked to perfection!) and the pork wrapped in prosciutto - we were in 7th heaven!!! It didn’t take us long to polish off the feast - without shame we loved it! But wish we had left space as dessert came next. The affogatto with the steaming hot coffee and the pistachio ice cream soon got wolfed down and the chocolate and amaretto dish was mine - all mine!!! Not one for sharing - it’s too good!!

Strada get it right time after time. Don’t expect anything short of great - no matter where in the country you visit. Italians know that if they order X in Rome it might not be the same quality in Milan. With Strada you know you will get the same great quality and service at any location - and I know… I’ve sampled many of them. Happy eating!

Liz Almond

It’s been several months since I’ve visited a branch of Strada, so I was not quite sure what to expect.

We tried a range of the new menu items, which were all very fresh and tasty, and of a very high standard. The garlic bread was very buttery and savoury, and the thin, crisp texture made for a nice change.

The standout dishes for us were the baked sea bream with potatoes, and the saltimbocca. Neither were dishes I would normally choose, but they were both excellent. The fish was moist and tender, with a delicate flavour and crisp skin, it flaked easily off the bone and looked as good as it tasted. The saltimbocca was really comforting on a cold day, the pork complemented by the pancetta and sage, and the buttery mash proving the perfect foil to the meat. The pumpkin risotto had a good depth of flavour, and the rice was not mushy or overcooked. The pasta with luganica sausage was rather fiery, and while not the favourite dish at the table, my friend praised the authentic Italian feel of the dish.

We shared one of the desserts between the three of us - the bunet Piedmontese, which was rich and deliciously chocolatey, although I would consider serving it on a smaller plate as it looked tiny! Next time I would be keen to try the antipasto and the affogato, and I will definitely order the sea bream again.

We also found the service to be very friendly and helpful, especially as my friends had a small child with them.

Eleanor Codd

The restaurant had a great atmosphere. It felt family friendly with lots of buzz but we still had a table were we felt private. I attended with my husband and parents for the tasting menu and also brought my two year old and four year old who ordered separately from the Little Strada childrens menu.

The Starters:
The olives starter divided our group. My mum thought they were a bit flavourless but I thought they were juicy and enjoyed the fact they were not too salty. Some herbs on top would have been nice. We were all agreed on how great the flatbread was. It was light and crisp and just the right amount of garlic and rosemary.
The Antipasto was demolished. We all raved about the olive tapanade, the brushetta bread was a little burnt but my Dad liked it like that. We felt the tomato topping could have done with a little more seasoning or some herbs. We would definitely order the Antipasto again.

The Mains:
Saltimbocca - the mashed potato was smooth and delicious and we couldn’t fault the pork. The sage butter sauce was great. This was my mum’s favourite dish.
Orata Al Forno - this was my husband’s favourite. However, the rest of us would have preferred it with some sort of sauce. It would have been nice to have some lemon on the plate too.
Pizza - The base was perfectly cooked. We really enjoyed the artichoke and the sausage toppings.
Risotto - I LOVED this. I would never have chosen it from the menu but will now definitely order it in future. It looked odd from the menu but the flavours were well balanced and very good.
Pasta - this was light and tasty and again the luganica sausage was delicious.

Affogato - My Dad and I thought this was the perfect pudding combining something sweet and coffee. We ate it all up. My mum and husband aren’t coffee drinkers so didn’t want any.
Pistachio ice cream - a nice flavoursome pudding
Bunet Piemontese - we enjoyed this pudding as something different we hadn’t had any where else. the Amaretto wasn’t too strong and the panacotta was light and scrumptious.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH STRADA - we had a really delicous lunch and are very grateful!!!!

Natasha Stehr

We visited the Blackheath branch of Strada on a very chilly Tuesday evening.
It was quiet when we got there, but there was a nice buzz of chatter and it was cosy- a perfect way to escape the cold!
After ordering drinks and browsing the tasting menu, we started with some huge green olives from Sicily- very different to the normal jarred ones- less salty with an almost fruity taste.
This was followed swiftly by some garlic and rosemary flatbread and a huge antipasto platter, presented beautifully on a slate board. This was wolfed down very quickly- highlights being the very fresh buffalo mozzarella, the olive tapenade and the crispy bread with just the right amount of seasoning and garlic.
We had a brief rest before all the mains came out- it was quite overwhelming and the dishes barely fitted on our table, but wow, what a variety of delicious food!
The pumpkin risotto was very well cooked with a bit of bite in the rice, though there wasn’t an awful lot of said pumpkin to be found on the plate and the stock taste was slightly too salty.
The Pugliese pasta was very different to the stuff I usually make at home- I still prefer pasta dishes with a tomato base but my two companions liked this dish a lot- especially the chilli kick from the butter!
We then sampled the sea bream- a meaty fish, cooked to perfection with a fresh side salad and sublime roast potatoes- this was my favourite dish by far- simple but delicious.
The pork saltimbocca was replaced on the night by a salmon and lentil dish- again a simple dish, but it worked well- though the earthy Casaluccio lentils needed a bit more dressing and a salad would have been nice with this if served on its own.
Finally we managed to fit in a bit of space for the pizza, though by this point, it had gone cold- maybe the main courses should have been brought out in two stages? The base was a perfect thickness and I was particularly impressed by the artichoke section.

As if this wasn’t enough, we were then treated to three different puddings and for us, the best dish of the night- the bunet piedmontese. We all said we’d come back for this alone- the amaretti flavour was sweet, intense and perfect with the rich pannacotta style dessert and the crumbled biscuits added a different texture. The other desserts- pistachio icecream and affogato- were lovely too, but couldn’t compare!

Overall, we really enjoyed our night- the service was very friendly and not too overbearing, the food was delicious and really varied, great for people who might have intolerances etc and we’d definitely come back for this menu. Thanks so much for inviting me to review- a fab experience all round.

Mary Turner

The Blackheath restaurant is very light and airy and though busy did not feel overcrowded.

The two staff who served us were extremely warm and friendly.

We shared Antipasto to start and everything on the platter was delicious and reminded me of holidays in Italy. I had not tried the Tapenade paste before and it was gorgeous on the toasted garlicky bread.

For the main course I had Orata al forno - roasted sea bream - which was cooked beautifully and fell off the backbone. The salad and roasted new potatoes were good too.

My husband had Strozzapreti pugliese - pasta with Italian sausage and pancetta - which he really enjoyed but couldn’t finish, he was so full after the Antipasto.

We made room though for the desserts - neither of which we had tasted before. I had Affogato which was iced nougat with hot expresso shot to pour over it and was delicious. My husband had Bunet Piemontese which was a set chocolate custard with amaretto biscuits and liqueur and was gorgeous.

We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch - we have always enjoyed visiting Strada and we will certainly go again and again - their food is scrumptious!

Ben Lawlor

Visiting on a Sunday afternoon the restaurant was predictably busy with the local chattering class couples and families enjoying a catch up over a late lunch - our table fell into the latter category. Although it remained busy, service was spotless and timely throughout and I must give a special mention to Monica who looked after our table and gave a great overview of new items on the menu.

The atmosphere and lack of contagious diseases meant we shared most of our dishes so I can give a view on most of what was ordered.

We started with a selection of bread (very good), olives (good quality - I’m not sure how they are preserved though as they seemed to lack a little freshness in their bite) and antipasto. The antipasto covered all the main bases but was a bit lacking for the carnivore with meat limited in terms of quantity (but not quality). The tapenade wasn't really to my taste as it was too smooth in texture and was missing seasoning. Maybe a few more capers or anchovy fillets were needed in it.

There was a good selection of main courses from which we chose the Quattro Stagioni pizza (definitely better than comparable restaurants), Strozzapreti Pugliese (very well executed pasta in terms of both freshness and cooking) and Saltimbocca Maiale. It was universally agreed that the Saltimbocca was the best dish of the meal - the pork was cooked perfectly and the creamy mash was a suitable antidote to a cold and wet afternoon).

All desserts were very good as well with both the semifreddo and ice cream a perfect texture. My only gripe with the food is that perhaps it is a bit safe in terms of flavours and seasoning - a bit more saltiness in the tapenade, a little more sage round the pork and a couple of more strong meat items would have really helped. I know dishes at Strada need to be consistent and appeal to the palates of the mass but I think people have an awareness of food now that means they are now more open to strong flavours.

We were trying out the new tasting menu and I must admit I was a bit surprised that the tasting menu was only three courses with Primo and Secondo just being rolled up into the main course. With such effort being put into Strada’s authenticity as an ‘Italian Kitchen’ this did seem very odd.

We were lucky enough to be dining on a complimentary basis so it may be a little unfair for me to talk about value for money but I’ll give it a go anyway! Looking at price points for similar dishes our three courses each would be somewhere around £20 a head, this coupled with no wine available on the list for less than £15.95 means that Strada isnt exactly a cheap eat and with set menus available at fine dining restaurants for a similar price I think it would be hard to justify that cost to first time Strada diners - I’m sure the voucher holders and regular visitors like myself don’t overthink the cost but the mark up on beer and wines is particularly irksome when you are paying £18 for a bottle of Montepulciano that retails for a fiver.

Anyway, the gripes relating to set menus and pricing arent connected to the Blackheath branch and I’d just like to mention again Monica who looked after us impeccably and answered all our requests.