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This Strada won 'Best Newcomer to the West Midlands' in the 2006 Metro Reader Awards. It draws in a friendly mix of media clientele - it's near the BBC - shoppers and visitors to the city.

The restaurant has a mezzanine level and bar area and, with seating for 120, is the perfect place for business lunches or private functions. You can find this award winning STRADA opposite the BBC in the Mailbox, one of Birmingham 's most prestigious shopping destinations.


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109 - 111 Wharfside St
The Mailbox
B1 1XL

Contact details

Tel: 0121 643 7279

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 09.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Claire Shore

Overall opinion was that the food was good, but we wouldn’t rush back if it was our first experience of a Strada restaurant. We normally go to the York restaurant, which is recommended.

The starters came out very quickly and were appreciated by all. Antipasto is always a firm favourite. The mains (of which one of them we were told we weren’t allowed to have because there was only three of us… Why we couldn’t take the pizza home or similar I do not know?) were delivered after considerable delay. The risotto was lovely, as was the pork and sea bream. The pizza was ok, not the best I have tasted from similar chain restaurants. However, considering we were reviewing a new menu, I was confused as to why some of the dishes weren’t new?!
Finally, desserts. Our favourite. Strada never fails to deliver. Sadly, however, the only dessert on the tasting menu from the new menu was unavailable on the night!

6/10. But thanks for the opportunity!

Sabrina Collins

My husband I dined on a busy Friday at the Strada in Birmingham’s Mailbox. We did initially somewhat confuse the staff as I believe we were first to take up the reviewers meal. They informed us we could sample all the starters followed by a main and dessert each.

Once seated, after a long day at work we were both delighted by the quick arrival to our table of Olives, Flat Bread and an exquisite looking Antipasto platter. All of it was delicious, the Flat bred the stand out, warm, salty and perfectly flavoured with garlic and fresh rosemary. The platter offered a lovely selection with an olive tapenade we particularly enjoyed.

For main course I opted for the Strozzapreti Pugliese, a classic pasta dish from Puglia (Southern Italy). It was hot buttery and with a good hit of chilli warmed me through nicely. My husband chose the Saltimbocca Maiale, a pork fillet with crispy parma ham, mashed potatos and green beans. This was also lovely. The pork was tender and the potato creamy, however, although served with a sage butter sauce we did feel that it was just in need of a bit of a bolder heavy sauce to truly complete the dish. Although it would certainly suit friends and family members who prefer a simpler dish done well.

After a short break dessert was served. Dissapointed my first choice was no longer available I enjoyed the pistachio gelato which had a lovely flavour and my husband the affogato, an iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of fresh espresso poured over the top. It went quickly which I took to be a good sign.

Feeling the right side of full (Strada portion sizes allowed room for all three courses without feeling like we had overdone it) we finished in true Italian style, with a shot of Lemoncello! (Which strada, if your reading this, could just have done with being stored in your freezer or poured into chilled glasses to give it the sharp coldness it needs, but was delicious all the same!)

Overall this was a great experience. The new tasting menu offers great choice and each dish does appear to have it's ingredients carefully considered.

Thoroughly recommend!!

Jackie jackson

thank you very much for the meal 3 of us went, lovely food, really enjoyed the different tastes of food will come back for a special occasion.
thanks again

Niall O'Grady

We received a cordial welcome and were offered a choice of seating.
Our Waiter Nick was both informative and informed and made sensible suggestions.

All of our choices were from the Tasting Menu.
The Olives, my goodness, the size of ping pong balls and such a vibrant green, the flesh was thick, meaty and tasty.
The antipasto was a lovely selection of meats and bruschetta, the whole slate platter being as “Pretty as a Picture” and it all tasted as good as it looked. The Napoli salami was the star of the show with the Parma Ham coming a very close and meltingly sweet second.
Favourite starter award must go to the Garlic and Rosemary Flat beads, Fragrant, warm and tasty, don’t think of it as “Garlic bread” i.e. buttery and dripping, think more as Rosemary infused flat bread with a hint of garlic. Superb.

Mains; the Strozzapreti pasta was a tangy chilli hot, an after-taste warm rather than hot-at-first-taste, the sausage and pancetta only add to the experience.
Risotto’s, for me, always have an uphill battle to escape being rice, here the battle was very nearly won, the pumpkin, the squash and the pancetta all combined with pine nuts to make a fine combination of tastes and flavours.
Saltimbocca maiale, or roasted pork fillet to you and me, OMG! So good! Both of us thought this was to die for! Crispy surface, soft as butter underneath, the mashed potato was dreamy, not Uber smooth and therefore of no substance, it was just “right” and the sage butter giving a beautiful herby fragrance to it all.
No small wonder that the waiter told us that this regularly sells out.
For the Fish, there was a whole Sea-Bream, my first time with a Sea Bream, and on this evidence it will not be my last, and okay so you have to negotiate the bones, but let me tell you the flavour of the fish makes the comparatively small effort very worth while.
And the roasted new Potatoes and salad? Just the ideal accompaniment.
The four flavour pizza, 3 out of 4 are grand, the artichoke section was the let down, too much green on a very thin pizza. Don’t get me wrong the pizza base was from the same school as the fragrant flat breads, it was just too much artichoke, it over powered everything. On The menu the pizza looks the least likely to impress but it is a good one to share, good finger food.

And to finish; My favourite? The Affogato; a iced nougat- semi freddo ice cream with espresso poured over it, creamy, dreamy, cool and warm at the same time.
The Bunet Piemontesse, described as a “chocolate pannacotta”
My companion described it as a “Huge Thornton’s chocolate” The amaretto was just too much almond for my palate.
Artisan Pistachio ice cream, glorious, but why add two shop bought wafer tubes? It does not need them. If anything has to be added for texture, why not some crushed pistachio nuts?

The ideal menu from the tasting menu?
To start; the Olives and Flat bread, perhaps with some Antipasti and tapenade.
Then perhaps, a small serving of the risotto or Strozzapreti pasta.
Then for the main. No contest, hands down, The Pork Fillet every time.
For desert; the Affogato then a split decision either the Amaretti panacotta or the Pistachio ice cream.
Will we be going back? You can count on it!

Emily Jayne Phipps

My husband and I were greeted with a warm and friendly face, politeness and professionalism, and chose our seats in the window.

The Large green Castelvetrano olives were mostly consumed by myself, very fresh and a wonderful start to any meal. Accompanied by the rosemary flat bread, which was light and well flavored, were a delight to awaken the taste buds before the antipasto arrived. On the very well presented platter was, Parma ham, Napoli salami, speck ham from Trentino, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, vineripened tomatoes, olive tapenade and bruschetta pomodoro.The light buffalo mozzarella with the acerbic tone of the tapenade and the sweetness of the tomatoes was perfectly combined to please the palate. The meat was fresh and added a gorgeous salty undertone.

The risotto was absolutely beautiful and probably my favourite off the menu. Creamy, succulent, tasteful and packed with ingredients, I would definitely recommend to risotto lovers out there… The flavours were beautiful. The pasta was well cooked with a lovely hint of chilli which made a nice accompaniment to the saltiness of the sausage.

If you enjoy a real Italian pizza, thin and crispy, with a lovely light base, then order the Quattro Staggioni… Full of taste and whats best of all is that it has four pizzas in one, you don’t even have to pick one topping!

I’m a big fan of fish, but this one was fantastic. The sea bream was perfectly cooked and you could really taste the lemon and thyme into the body of the fish. Very moreish and the bed of potatoes and salad with which it was served was light but filling and packed with flavour.

Unfortunately we were unable to sample the pork as it was unavailable, we were given a substitute of our liking, which was steak and again, very nicely cooked as requested.

Desert - all three were very tasty, but one definitely was crowned the winner for me - and surprisingly to myself, I would have probably never ordered off the menu.

The affogato is Iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of hot, fresh espresso to pour over the top, what a combination. The contrast of hot and cold is a real treat as is the bitterness of the coffee which cuts through the dulcet delicate sweet mellow essence of the nougat ice cream… Perfect for coffee lovers!

The chocolate lovers choice - the Bunet Piemontese. Rather rich, packed full of gusto and a lovely distinction between the crunchiness of the biscuit and the smooth creaminess of the custard - wonderful to finish a meal.

And finally - my winner - the Pistachio gelato. Simple, refined, subtle. Light, creamy and a real treat. I will 100% recommend this as a perfect desert.

Overall, the new menu has some wonderful, interesting well matched and contrasting flavours and really has something for everyone.

Well done Strada!

Sue Kenwrick

What can I say, superb service, a special mention for Tim, who looked after us.

The food was devine, especially the risotto, and the sea bream, only dissapointed the pork was not available(not good on a saturday night). Cannot fault any of the food and look forward to returning on new years day.

Highly recommend.

Carla Morris

We arrived at the restaurant at 8.30 and every table was full (luckily we had booked) as people were being turned away…this always fills me with a sense that my meal will be thoroughly enjoyable as nothing says great food as good as a popular and fully booked restaurant.We were spoken to as soon as we entered and dealt with incredibly quickly.

The menu we were given to sample from looked delicious.
We were told by the manager that there were two things on there that they had sold out of, one being the Sea Bream - which he replaced with a salmon dish from the regular menu and the other being the SALTIMBOCCA MAIALE
Pork fillet with crispy Parma ham, - unfortunately he didnt offer to replace this meal with anything else at all - which was a little disappointing.

The appetisers came out after around 15minutes.
The FLAT BREAD and the ANTIPASTO were fantastic, we shared between four and there was plenty, full of flavours and exciting. The chilli oil in the centre of the table complimented these perfectly.
I am told the Olives were wonderful (i do not like them at any level so i can not personally comment)

We then waited for our mains and were not disappointed…
the STROZZAPRETI PUGLIESE was extremely light and very enjoyable although I have a very spicy pallete so I found the dish to be rather bland and had to add alot of pepper to my plate.

The RISOTTO ZUCCA was unlike any risotto I've ever tasted and was thoroughbly enjoyable - I would order this countless times.

The QUATTRO STAGIONI pizza was crisp, full of flavour and completely worthy winner - beautiful.

The Salmon dish we had was to die for, the perfect balance of fresh salmon and a crunchy base which I'm not sure what this was unfortunately but it complimented each other perfectly.

The after dinner dishes were absolutely amazing….a perfect blend of icecreams, chocolate, espressos and i can safely say there wasnt a scrap left in any bowl.

All in all a perfect menu and no complaints what so ever from any of us. Beautiful flavours and perfectly presented.

Massive thumbs up. thank you.

Rachel Curley

On arrival staff were very attentive and helpful with assistance with what was available on the menu.

We had a mixed starter of Olives, breads and Antipasto with plenty of delicious parma ham and bruchetta.

For mains we had Saltimbocca Maiale (pork with crisy parma ham), Branzino Sea Bas and Agnello Brasato (lamb shank), the lamb was very tender and cooked to perfection, pork was soft and juicy and sea bas had a nice crispy skin with not a bone in sight, the portions were very generous and served with silky smooth mashed potatoes and greens.

The dessert of Bunet Piemontese was my chocolate heaven, topped with crushed amaretti biscuits and a very generous splash of amaretto, total bliss. T

he experience was an enjoyable evening, great service, attention to detail and excellent food. Looking forward to visiting again.

Emma Holness

The food was excellent and the service fantastic.

Everything was cooked perfectly and the flavours complemented each other really well.

I’m already planning to go back again.

Linda Flanagan

Excellent food, good experienced staff team, and the new menu has ample variety. Suggest you try the Sea Bass [if you like fish] as pan roasted and seared -truly scrumptous. Also the Affogato in dessert section is very pleasant, light, and different to anything I have eaten elsewhere.
Frankly this was 10/10 eating experience and the place was busy on a cold Friday Night. Recommended